2022 Trivia Questions And Answers

These 2022 trivia questions and answers are an excellent way to give a fond farewell to 2022. As with most years, there were a lot of interesting events that happened.

Our 2022 trivia questions will quiz you on what you remember about this unique time. We’ll cover pop culture, sports and much more.

It’s time to start saying goodbye to this year. Enjoy these 2022 trivia questions and answers. If you like our 2022 trivia, check out our Christmas, January, and Black History month trivia.

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2022 Trivia Questions

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1. Who set the record for being the youngest woman to fly solo around the world in 2022?

2. What city hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics? 

3. Which country won a record 16 gold medals during the 2022 Olympics? 

4. Australia listed what animal as endangered in 2022? 

5. Which American company became the first to be valued at more than $3 trillion? 

6. Who was the founder of Theranos, who was found guilty of four counts of fraud in 2022?

7. Which song by Glass Animals set a record for climbing the Hot 100 charts for 59 weeks until reaching number one? 

08. In what month of 2022 did Russia invade Ukraine? 

09. Who was elected as the President of South Korea in 2022? 

10. The first successful transplant of an animal heart into a human occurred in 2022. What animal heart was used? 

11. How long did Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Tom Brady’s retirement last? 

12. A portrait by Andy Warhol sold at auction and became the highest-selling piece of American artwork. Who was the portrait of? 

13. Who became the first black woman to be depicted on a U.S. coin? 

14. Which actor is now infamous for slapping comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars? 

15. In 2022, the Supreme Court made a landmark decision to overturn what? 

16. The social media platform Twitter was purchased by who for $44 million? 

17. How much was Johnny Depp awarded after winning his defamation case against Amber Heard? 

18. Who became the first black woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court? 

19. What country became the first in South-East Asia to legalize growing and selling cannabis? 

20. Which movie became the highest-grossing film of 2022? 

21. Which day in 2022 set a record as the shortest recorded day on Earth ever? 

22. Inflation in the U.S. hit 8.5%, and is the highest it’s been since what year? 

23. Which U.S. city was named the world’s wealthiest city in 2022? 

24. Who became the first black woman to go on an extended mission at the International Space Station? 

25. Which famous gymnast became the youngest person ever to receive the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom? 

26. Which female musician won the Artist of the Year award during the 2022 American Music Awards? 

27. Which musician became the first black female composer for the New York City Ballet in 2022? 

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