How to Stop Watching Netflix by Enjoying Other Things

How to stop watching netflix

Becoming addicted makes a lot of people want to know how to stop watching Netflix. When I was growing up, sometimes I couldn’t find anything to watch on TV. But today with Netflix, you can never run out of things to watch.

It makes it harder for people to get up and go out anymore. But you can, and it can be more entertaining for you. Here are 5 experiences that can entertain you more than Netflix.

How to stop watching Netflix by enjoying other things

1. Outdoor Event

In my town, we have lots of outdoor events that happen. There are local artists playing music outside, people acting in plays in the park, and restaurants sharing samples of their food to the public.

You could probably find one of those types of events in your town. You can ask somebody you know or look online. If you’re into sports, check out local high school and college games, community recreation games, and so on. Why not watch something live instead of on a screen.

2. Game Night

Maybe you’re a person that doesn’t like to go out much. That’s fine, I’m more of a homebody myself too. Hosting a game night can be the perfect entertainment for you and your family or friends.

If you’re into board games like me, pull out Monopoly or Life. Do you have a deck of cards? There’s a number of games you can play from spades to slapjack. But if you don’t have any of these items, then you can always go with the classics of charades and Pictionary.

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3. Potluck Dinner

If you love to cook or even if you just love to eat, this would be a great experience for you. A potluck dinner is where everyone brings over a dish they made. This can give you a chance to try new foods, learn some cooking tips, and get a few compliments on your dish.

You can even come up with a theme for your potluck dinner, such as a specific culture of food, or food associated with a specific holiday. You’ll have much more fun with this than watching a cooking show.

4. Visit a Local Attraction

No matter how long you’ve lived somewhere, there’s always something new you’ve never experienced in your town. I recently went downtown for the first time in a while and saw some new bridges and structures I hadn’t seen before.

It was great to see how much my city has grown. You can discover the same by visiting places in your town that you haven’t seen in a while. You can look on Groupon for unique budget friendly events happening, like local art get-togethers, or even something exciting like doing an escape room.

Whatever you do, you can be entertained by all the festivities that your city has to offer.

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5. Try a New Restaurant

A friend of mine and I tried a lot of new restaurants in my town. One of our favorite experiences was an Afghan restaurant we ate at. We’d never tried that type of food before, and it was one of the best restaurants we’d ever eaten at.

You can probably find lots of local restaurants in your town serving unique foreign cuisines. It’s a win-win with you getting to enjoy some new food, and also giving support to your local businesses.

The new book digital minimalism by Cal Newport is inspiring many to be minimalist in our technology. Think about your life 10 or 20 years from now. What are you going to look back on?

My guess would be you won’t remember all the shows you watched on Netflix. Instead, you’ll look back on all the adventures you had in life, and all the time you spent with people you care about.

Make the most of your experiences today, and you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

How to stop watching netflix

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