5 Ways Minimalism and Happiness Are Connected

5 ways minimalism life can make you happy right now

Minimalism and happiness are connected in more ways than you might think. Some of the choices made as a minimalist can help uplift your mood and give you more fulfillment in life. Here’s how they’re connected

How minimalism and happiness are connected

1. Less Visual Stimuli, Less Anxiety

Picture this: Restaurant, large menu, too many choices. I bet you already feel frustrated. Same thing happens when you see a lot of stuff. Your mind gets anxious processing it all. In a PsychologyToday article, Dr Bourg Carter wrote that our senses work overtime differentiating between important and unimportant stuff. As a result, it’s more difficult to relax.

Surprisingly, (not really) women in particular get really anxious with messes. The stress hormone cortisol increases in women with higher amounts of objects in the home. Men, eh, not so much (sorry ladies).

So here’s how minimalism and happiness are connected in this instance. Get rid of some stuff, decrease your stress and anxiety, then boom! Instant happiness boost. Don’t allow your place to be a downer. Make your place a space of energy to lift you up.

2. People Like You More

No science. No studies. Just human nature. We like to be liked, even if we say we don’t care. Why do you think you bought that fancy dress you didn’t need in the first place?

When you organize your space and people come over, they’re going to be impressed. They’re going to wish they could be more like you. Even messy people like clean spaces. And to the single guys, there’s a reason women say they get turned on by a man who cleans. 😉

But beyond just some people liking you more, you might even help others be inspired. Make them want to change their lives for the better, all through your journey of minimalism. Which is honestly way better.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. — dalai lama xiv

3. Improves Your Relationships

People like clean places. Therefore people will like you. And that creates better relationships. Because if people don’t like you, then your relationships might suck. Harvard did a study for 75 years on happiness. You know which people lived the longest? The people who had happy relationships.

When you have a clean space for family and friends to be happy and peaceful in, you’ll be surprised how that influences the conversation and time they spend with you.

4. Getting Stuff Done Makes Us Happy

We all like getting stuff done. It makes us feel productive. It raises our confidence. You actually feel like an adult. And you feel like you can make what you desire in life happen.

It’s putting stuff off that keeps you feeling disappointed. And as a result, you feel like you’re not doing anything with your life. When you become a minimalist, you’ll feel like you’re doing something with your life again, because you’ll be productive in fixing up your space, and you’ll feel happier as a result.

5. Moving Around Makes Us Happy

When you start cleaning up, it’s going to get you moving around more. Walking around your house, picking things up, setting things down and just moving. We’ve learned over and over again how exercise improves our health.

A study found just 10 minutes of physical activity once a week can make us happier. Just 10 minutes! So start cleaning, start picking things up and get happy!

Does minimalism make you happy?

Minimalism can take you far beyond just having a clear space and cleaner environment. It gets you to do things you should already be doing. It helps to make relationships better than they would be otherwise.

Because of those reasons, starting your minimalist journey can transform your life to a happier one. So are you ready to get happier?

Here’s how you can get started. It’s important to get a really good understanding of what minimalism is. I’ve written a post on the true art of minimalism and a post on how to embrace the philosophy of minimalism.

Once you understand what minimalism is all about, you can read my post on how to become a minimalist. I’ve put together four simple steps that can get you started on your minimalist journey in no time.

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