45 Affirmations That Will Change Your Life (2023)

When people think of affirming words, the firs thing that probably comes to mind is The Secret. For those unfamiliar, it was a movie about the law of attraction.

It’s the idea that through thinking and speaking what you want, eventually it will come to you. Many people believe in the phrase you are what you think.

There’s some truth to the idea that the life we experience largely stems from our thoughts. One of the main cures for psychological ailments like anxiety involve changing the thought pattern through cognitive behavioral therapy.

Still, it’s not just thoughts and spoken words alone that make things happen. It also requires performed actions to get the ball rolling.

It’s important to be careful with the words that you use. We need to speak words that work to our highest good and benefit.

What is an affirmation?

According to dictionary.com, the word “affirmation” means a “statement or proposition that is declared to be true.” Often people will either speak a certain phrase throughout their day or write it down a number of times.

Examples of affirming words

There are many examples of affirming words that people use for success, anxiety, or just daily life in general. They’re usually short and positive. Here are few examples:

  • I will marry the love of my life
  • I will earn a salary that I am satisfied with
  • My health is getting better and better with each day.

Through the use of positive words repeated in your mind, you can start to believe nothing is impossible, and anything is possible.

Affirming words help you to be more confident in the actions you desire potentially manifesting. Verbally affirming your ambitions and dreams empowers you to have reassurance that your words can become reality.

Ultimately, we can break the patterns of negative thought, speech, and action which can slow us down in life.

Spoken word is a critical part of crafting the future we want. Word by word, you can take some control in influencing reality to your wishes.

Self-affirming words

Journal with i am statements written down in orange. 45 affirmations that will change your life

Your words can produce positive or negative energy for you. If you continually think and say “I can’t” in your life, then you likely won’t.

But if you think and say “I can,” you have more of a chance to do what you want. We all have the power to let go of the anger and fears in our way.

Take time to shape your future and start living to your potential with the following affirming words.

1. I am the architect and builder of my life. I choose the contents and put together the foundation.

2. I overflow with joy and am filled with energy today.

3. My soul is peaceful, my mind is sharp, and my body is healthy.

4. I rise above low actions and negative thoughts.

5. I have an abundant amount of talents to utilize today.

6. My anger is washed away with compassion and replaced with love.

7. I choose to forgive all who’ve harmed me in the past.

8. (For married people) My marriage is deeper, stronger, and more stable with each passing day.

9. I get closer to what I must know and do in life.

10. (For businesspeople) My business continues to grow, expand, and thrive.

11. I have all the qualities I need to be successful.

12. My happiness is a choice based on gratitude for my blessings and my accomplishments.

13. I have enough creativity to come up with amazing new ideas.

14. (For the unemployed) I deserve to have a job that pays me well for the time and energy I give to it. I’m getting closer and closer to my dream job each day.

15. I have all the potential I need to succeed and can conquer my greatest challenges.

16. Positive thoughts fill my mind and my life is prosperous

17. I have a courageous heart that allows me to stand up for myself and for others.

18. My worth deserves to be recognized and people can admire me.

19. I have the power to take up new positive habits.

20. I have a soaring confidence.

21. My friends are wonderful and my family is incredible.

22. People can see me as a powerhouse.

23. The things happening to me now can work for my good.

24. The future I envision is one that I believe can happen.

25. Difficult times will be a short time period in my life.

26. (For single people) The perfect partner will come into my life at the right time.

27. The dreams I have for myself can become reality.

28. Each day, I become more healed from all my illnesses and injuries.

29. My personality and character radiate charm, grace, and beauty.

30. My mind has clarity and my heart is strong.

31. The path I’m taking is moving towards greatness. All my obstacles are being removed.

32. I’m at peace with my life.

33. All the fears I have about tomorrow can melt away.

34. My future is filled with joyful moments.

35. The life I’m living is beginning to get better and better.

36. I do what is right for me.

37. I’m proud of myself.

38. I own who I am.

39. I’m confident in my abilities.

40. My mind avoids self-judgment.

41. I have the space I need to learn and grow.

42. My space can be safe and secure.

43. I choose to accept the emotions that I have.

44. My personal goals can be achieved

45. I am enough

Studies on affirming thoughts

Since some will understandably be skeptical, here are two studies that prove the benefits of thinking and speaking affirming words.

1. Self-affirming words can boost performance

A group of MBA students were told to write down their best negotiating skill for five minutes before going to negotiate for a lower sales price.

Those who wrote the positive self-affirming words did better at negotiating a lower price than those who didn’t.

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2. Self-affirming words improve problem solving

Research has shown people who have a high level of stress tend to perform worse in problem-solving situations.

Despite that, a study found that people who use self-affirming words when experiencing high stress are able to do better at problem solving.

Final thoughts on affirming

Feel free to use whichever affirming words connect with you. Create ones of your own based on your desires.

Be confident in communicating the positive thoughts you think and speak. Believe that you can make the best things in life you hope for happen.

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