April Fools Day Trivia (2023)

These April Fools Day trivia questions might be more fun than any prank that gets pulled. Believe it or not, this day actually has some interesting history behind it.

Our April Fools Day quiz will teach you cool things about this time. See if you can get most of these right and prove you’re not a fool.

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April Fools Day Trivia

1. What date is April Fools’ Day?

2. What former U.S. President was thought to be running for President again in 1992, but it turned out to be a prank?

3. What historical monument did Taco Bell announce it bought in 1996 but turned out to be a prank?

4. What former NFL player fooled everyone by pretending to close his well-known gap tooth?

5. What food did a BBC television program prank everyone into believing that it was being grown on a tree?

6. What hill in Milton, Massachusetts, did a Boston TV station prank viewers into believing it erupted?

7. What country in Asia banned April Fools’ Day?

8. What animal did BBC report as a prank that they discovered a colony of that could fly?

9. What two late-night comedians swapped shows for the night as an April Fools Day prank?

10. What do people usually shout after pulling a prank on someone?

11. According to Britannica, what country is April Fools believed to have originated in?

12. What similar holiday did the ancient Romans have where they played jokes on each other?

13. What time of the day is said to be the time when all April Fool’s jokes are supposed to stop?

14. What game show hosts switched places in 1997 as an April Fool’s joke?

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