April Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

This April trivia will ring this spring month on a good note. This time is known for many things, such as flowers and showers.

Our April trivia questions will be sure to teach you a thing or two. Discover celebrities who were born in this month and other cool facts.

Ready to have some fun? Then enjoy these April trivia questions and answers. If you dig this, you’ll probably enjoy our Spring, Earth Day, May Trivia, and Easter trivia.

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April Trivia Questions And Answers

Yellow flowers

1. What day involving practical jokes is celebrated on April 1st?

2. What is the last Sunday of Lent known as?

3. What is the Friday prior to Easter called?

4. What day that brings anywhere about environmental issues is celebrated on April 22nd?

5. What day honoring trees is celebrated in April?

6. Back when some people used to follow the Julian calendar, what number month was April?

7. Based on the Gregorian calendar, what number month is April?

8. What was the date that the first President of the United States was nominated?

9. What spaceship was launched on April 11, 1970?

10. What April date was the date that Ford unveiled the first Mustang?

11. On April 15, 1955, Ray Kroc opened what restaurant that he would one day acquire the rights to from two brothers?

12. What is said to be the birthstone for April?

13. What R&B singer known for singing Aint No Mountain High Enough and What’s Going On was born on April 2nd?

14. What high-flying action star was born on April 7th?

15. What mythical animal has a day named after it on April 9th?

16. What dreaded day in America generally happens every April 15th?

17. What comedian who’s starred in movies such as Dr. Dolittle and The Nutty Professor was born on April 3?

18. What actress who starred in 90210 shares a birthday with the comedian in the previous question?

19. On what date was the Pony Express established?

20. What month is equivalent to April in the southern hemisphere?

21. On which date was the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, Greece?

22. On which date was the first issue of the TV Guide published?

23. When was the first Boston Marathon?

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