4 Simple Ways You Can Find the Beauty in Everything

Find the beauty in everything

Finding the beauty in everything seems like a difficult task to do. Beauty can be subjective to all of us.

What I find beautiful, you might find ugly, and vice versa.  What does it really mean to find the beauty in everything?

Beauty is defined as a quality in something or someone that gives pleasure to the senses, or satisfaction to the mind and spirit. I’d suggest the latter part of this meaning is what defines finding the beauty in everything.

Here are four ways you can start doing that more in your life.

4 Simple Ways You Can Find the Beauty in Everything

1. Find the good in tragedy

I don’t have to tell you the news is pretty negative these days. You see so many stories about people in power doing bad things, or you find out somebody died in a tragic accident.

It’s these moments in life that can be the most difficult to find beauty. They challenge us deep down in our souls.

In the midst of despair, there is beauty that can be found in tragedy.  While much is lost in someone’s death, or much is disappointing in the corruption around is, the beauty is in what it is gained in these moments.

We rediscover what our true values are. Our hearts are reminded of the things that matter most to us. We’re led to make different choices if only for a moment, that reunites us with the greater good in life.

There are many times when we lose someone in life, we take more time with those who matter to us. A study found being around those who share our pain was most helpful in dealing with post-tragedy distress.

When we see corruption and injustice in the world, we take more action to help those who are in need. As much as it would be nice if life remained good all the time, unfortunately, it wouldn’t do us any good.

We’d get complacent, we’d get comfortable, and perhaps little positive change would happen. In that sense, the beauty in tragedy is the positivity that can come after it.

Try to look for that the next time a tragic event happens in your life.

2. Look for similarities in your enemies

I don’t like the idea of enemies personally. There’s no one in life I view to be my enemy.

Nonetheless, there are people who are opposed to us, or what we believe, who could objectively fit in the category of “enemy”. In that context, another way you can find beauty in life is to look for similarities in those you view to be enemies.

You might be wondering why though. The beauty in doing this is it helps you to humanize those you don’t like.

It reminds you that everybody is a person just trying to get through their difficult circumstances and find some kind of meaning and happiness in it all. There are certain lifestyles and actions I don’t follow or agree with.

Nonetheless, it’s beautiful that despite that, there’s always something we can agree and connect with somebody about. It’s when we discover that, something else beautiful happens.

We learn to love and respect those we disagree with and try to find a way to live in peace with everyone. Coined by psychologist Robert Cialdini, the liking principle suggests when we find similarities with others, we’re more able to persuade people.

Deep down, I think we would all truly prefer that over living in anger and hatred. Those who even focus on anger and hatred to get what they want; I even think they only do it to get that ultimate peace in life everybody wants.

They just need to recognize there’s another way to get it. Find the beauty in everything by connecting with those you don’t like.

3. Appreciate your pain

I’ve heard the phrase there’s beauty in pain a few times in life. I’m not sure where it originated from, but it’s a good phrase.

When it comes to seeing the beauty in everything, pain is probably one of the hardest things to find beauty in. Nobody wants to be in pain.

Whether it’s physical or emotional, it just doesn’t feel beautiful. Despite that, maybe there’s another way to view pain and beauty as one.

Often the beauty in pain is that it makes you stronger than you were before. You discover you can withstand more in life than you thought.

You’re able to appreciate how far you’ve come. I’ve experienced a lot of physical and emotional pain in life.

The amazing thing in it all is how much it’s strengthened my belief that no matter what happens, I’ll be okay. I’ve had people close to me walk out of my life, I’ve dealt with my body consistently failing me, and yet somehow, I’m still here.

You’re still here. The fact that we’re still here is beautiful.

One other thing that’s beautiful about our pain, we’re able to empathize with people more.

We can offer encouragement and support that things can be okay because we’ve made it through our circumstances. That’s the beauty in pain you can be grateful for.

4. Think of endings as new beginnings

Inevitably, endings happen in life. People die, relationships end, jobs are lost, and so on.

Even in these moments, you can find beauty. The beauty in endings is that it leads to new beginnings.

At the moment you can’t see that due to the pain of the loss. Over time, you realize that if there hadn’t been an ending, there wouldn’t have been a beginning that led to the people and experiences you enjoy now.

In the middle of any ending you encounter in life, try to remind yourself that this can be the start of something great in the future.

How can I find the beauty in everything?

There is beauty in everything by looking for the good and positive in everyone and everything. Doing this will help you to not feel so depressed and angered by the world around you.

It’ll allow you to appreciate life more and take more action to improve the society you live in. It’s important to always see beauty in everything in order to let go of the hurt, pain, and suffering we experience in life.

Allow yourself to see the beauty in all things and change the way you see the world around you.

How can I find the beauty in life?

Finding the beauty in life might be different for everyone. Take time to reflect on what you find admirable. That might be a good place to start in finding beauty in life.

In general, take time to just find the good in life, and appreciate everything as a part of a bigger purpose.

What is the most beautiful quote?

There’s no one most beautiful quote given beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Though I will say, one quite I do find very beautiful is this one.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

What is the beauty of life?

The beauty of life is so many things. The complexity of the world we live in, and the simplicity of the little moments we get to enjoy.

Take time to discover what you find to be the beauty of life for yourself.

How do you appreciate beauty?

Appreciate beauty by savoring the moments you find yourself encountering beauty. Perhaps you can even write down your memories of the beauty you witness in your days as well.

Look for beauty wherever you can in life, and enjoy it.

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Find the beauty in everything

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