Chinese New Year Trivia Questions (2023)

These Chinese new year trivia questions will be fascinating to do as you celebrate this time. There’s lots of interesting about this annual festivity.

Our Chinese new year questions and answers will be a fun way to learn about it. Discover some of the different animals that represent each year.

This quiz will be loads of fun as you countdown to the day. Enjoy this Chinese new year quiz. If you like this holiday trivia, check out our Mardi Gras, February, and Groundhog’s Day Trivia.

Chinese New Year Trivia

Decorations representing chinese new year trivia

1. What other name is the Chinese New Year traditionally referred to as?

2. Based on the myth about Nian, what item is used to scare away bad luck?

3. How long does this Chinese holiday last?

4. What is prohibited until the fifth day of the Chinese new year?

5. What are people not allowed to on Chinese new year’s day?

6. How many people are estimated to celebrate this holiday every year?

7. What color do the Chinese traditionally use for their decorations for the celebration?

8. What is 2023 said to be the year of?

9. What was 2022 said to be the year of?

10. Before this holiday was established, what did the ancient Chinese previously celebrate?

11. During what dynasty was Chinese New Year’s day first celebrated?

12. What U.S. state celebrates the first day of the Chinese New Year?

13. What official name do Americans use to refer to the Chinese New Year?

14. What official name does South Korea use to refer to this celebration?

15. What Chinese words are commonly used to say Happy New Year during this time?

16. What do children receive during the Chinese new year?

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