Earth Day Trivia (2023)

There is a lot to learn in our Earth Day trivia questions. This day is a day to recognize the importance of preserving the planet.

Our Earth Day trivia questions will explore how much you know about the history of this celebration. Find out what year it started and much more.

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Earth Day Trivia

Plant growing

1. What senator is credited for starting Earth Day?

2. What date is Earth Day celebrated every year?

3. What year was the first Earth Day celebrated?

4. What will be the theme of Earth Day in 2023?

5. What was the specific idea that the senator proposed as a celebration for the first year?

6. How many people were estimated to have gone to the streets on the first Earth Day?

7. Which state was the senator who started Earth Day from?

8. What does EPA stand for?

9. What was the first year that Earth Day was celebrated internationally?

10. What anniversary will it be for Earth Day?

11. How were most of Earth Day celebrated in 2020?

12, According to the United States Geological Survey, what percentage of the planet is covered in water?

13. What types of gases warm the planet?

14. How many trees are believed to be on Earth?

15. What societal goal involves meeting our needs without compromising future generations’ ability to meet their needs?

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