47 Easter Trivia Questions And Answers

These Easter trivia questions and answers will be loads of fun this holiday season. There are many traditions associated with Easter Sunday.

Our Easter trivia questions will cover all that and more. See if you know what meal is eaten in England on this day.

Are you ready to prove how big of a fan you are of this Sunday holiday? Then enjoy our Easter trivia questions. If you like our Easter trivia, check out our Bible Trivia, Catholic Trivia, St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas trivia.

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Easter trivia questions and answers

Eggs representing easter trivia

1. Easter is the best-selling holiday for candy, after what other day? 

2. In England, it is a tradition to eat what on Easter? 

3. Easter does not have a fixed date for celebration, but the holiday always falls on a day in one of which two months? 

4. What is the most common activity done on Easter? 

5. About how many Peeps do Americans buy during Easter? 

6. What is the Sunday before Easter Sunday called? 

7. How many chocolate bunnies are produced for Easter each year? 

8. The most popular Easter parade takes place in which U.S. state? 

9. About how many jellybeans are eaten in America each year during Easter? 

10. The Friday before Easter is called what? 

11. What flower is most commonly associated with Easter? 

12. Which state was the first to use the Easter Bunny in America? 

13. In the Bible, who was the first person to enter the tomb of Jesus? 

14. In which country do they have an Easter Bilby rather than an Easter Bunny? 

15. Easter always occurs on a Sunday after which moon phase? 

16. How many days after his crucifixion did Jesus rise from the tomb? 

17. Where did the tradition of painting Easter eggs originate from? 

18. How many days does the Easter season last? 

19. In which country is the world’s largest Easter egg? 

20. In which country did Easter originate? 

21. Besides the bunny, which other two animals are associated with Easter? 

22. The rabbit is considered a symbol of what? 

23. The cuckoo bird delivers Easter eggs to children in which country? 

24. What cake is traditionally made for Easter in England? 

25. What is the 40-day period of fasting that occurs before Easter called? 

26. In which year did the Easter Egg Roll take place in the White House for the first time? 

27. The largest Easter egg museum in the world is located in which country? 

28. What is the significance of the Easter Bunny in Easter celebrations?

29. What type of bread is traditionally associated with Easter in many countries?

30. What is the most popular type of candy purchased in the United States during the Easter season?

31. What does the Easter egg represent in Christian Easter celebrations?

32. Which flower is commonly associated with Easter and symbolizes resurrection?

33. What day of Holy Week commemorates the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with the Apostles?

34. In what country is it a tradition to create elaborate Easter eggs known as ‘pisanki’?

35. What is the name of the week preceding Easter in the Christian calendar?

36. Which famous parade in New York City is known for its elaborate Easter bonnets and costumes?

37. What is the traditional Easter game where children roll eggs down a hill?

38. In which book of the Bible is the resurrection of Jesus narrated?

39. What is the term for the Saturday before Easter, traditionally a day of silence and prayer?

40. In what country is Easter celebrated with a large, festive water fight?

41. What is the name of the Easter cake that is traditionally baked in Italy?

42. Which President of the USA started the White House Easter Egg Roll tradition?

43. What is the name given to the Sunday before Easter, marking Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem?

44. In what country is ‘Semana Santa’, or Holy Week, celebrated with processions and floats?

45. What Easter symbol is a lamb often used to represent?

46. What is the name of the period of fasting and penance before Easter in the Christian calendar?

47. What color is traditionally associated with royalty and used during Easter to signify Jesus’ resurrection and kingship?

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