How Many Clothes Is Too Many?

In 2016, the Daily Mail published a survey by ClosetMaid that found the average woman has 103 items of clothing in her closet.

In my mind, that seemed like too many. But my partner laughed and said, “You haven’t seen some women shop.”

 I thought there was truth in what she said. Many women, including my partner, feel they have too many clothes in their wardrobe.

And of course, some men feel this way too. Speaking from my own experience, I’ve never cared to shop for shirts or pants.

I’ve been content wearing the same 4 or 5 ones I wear in a week. But I do understand many women and men appreciate fashion.

They admire the beautiful designs and stylish looks of dresses and coats. But it’s more than just that. It’s about how a certain piece of clothing makes you feel.

The right outfit can make someone feel like they can walk down a runaway during New York Fashion Week and conquer the world.

It’s understanding that psychology that explains why people often buy a lot of clothes. Because they want something to feel good in.

What’s important to remember though is that desire can still be fulfilled with what you already have.

And if you’re conscious in how and what you buy, you can make it more likely you’ll stay satisfied with your wardrobe.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind to avoid having too many clothes.

Stacked sweaters on a desk next to a candle, flowers and a mirror how many clothes is too many

1. You do have something to wear

Remove this negative “I don’t have anything to wear” mentality. You do have something to wear, it’s just you don’t have many clothes that you like.

Separate the clothes that you really don’t like and remove them. That way the remaining items can make you feel good when you open your closet.

Don’t let the space be something that depresses you or causes you dread. Start reshaping it into something that ignites joy in you.

2. It’s not too loose to fix

One reason people were frustrated with their wardrobe was because they felt many items were too loose.

But it’s not an impossible problem to fix. Tailors may be able to adjust the clothing how you like. You could also use belts or pins to fasten it up.

Solving the looseness can save you from going out and buying another item.

3. It’s not too tight to fix

Similar to the previous point, this isn’t an impossible problem to fix either. There are options to stretch out your clothes the way you like.

Here’s two resources that might help you:

3 Ways to Stretch Clothes

How to Unshrink Clothes & Stretch Clothes

4. Most people will forget what you wear

Think about the last time you went out somewhere with family or friends. Do you remember what any of them wore?

I’m guessing you probably don’t. And most people probably don’t remember what you wore either. You don’t have to always wear the perfect outfit every time you go out.

It’s okay to just wear something that just fits well and makes you comfortable. How much you enjoy your time has more to do with your attitude than your outfit.

It’s true that what we wear can make a difference, but remember that it’s not the foundation of your happiness.

5. You don’t need to buy new clothing

There are lots of clothes you can get for a bargain and then freshen it up to look really nice. My partner enjoys getting vintage clothes at thrift stores.

It’s cheap, she can still find something that makes her look good, and it reduces her impact on the environment.

If you’ve never shopped at a thrift store, give it a shot. It won’t hurt to see if you find something you like just as much as you would at a high-end store.

6. Don’t buy online

I get it. It’s very convenient to shop online. But being honest, you’re more likely to set yourself up for disappointment.

When the item comes to your door and you pull it out the package, it might not look as good as you thought.

It’s better to see things up close to be assured you like the way a piece of clothing looks.

7. Keep your closet organized

Another thing the survey revealed was that a lot of women buy new clothes because they can’t find the ones they originally brought.

It’s crazy how tempting convenience can be. While it may feel easier to click a button than dig through your stuff, resist the urge.

Start the process of decluttering your wardrobe and in no time, you’ll find that missing item. Not only you’ll save on your finances, but you’ll be able to feel good wearing that outfit again.

8. Buy clothes on a trial basis

A final reason someone can end up with too much clothes is they forget to return them. Have the mentality that whatever clothing you buy is on a trial basis.

That trial basis will last until the last few days you can return it. Wear the outfit a few times and see how you feel.

If in that time you realize you didn’t like it as much as you thought, go ahead and return it. That way it doesn’t clutter up your closet.

Never have too much again

I want you to feel inspired to make your wardrobe something that satisfies you. Having too much in your closet doesn’t have to be the norm.

Take the first few steps with following some of these tips. Imagine and believe that one day, your wardrobe will make you smile most of the time.

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  1. Maria Pinto says:

    This one is great Eric! Luckily growing up my sisters and I learned the value of clothing early on. Hand Me Downs were a treat, not to be frowned upon, and I’ve been hitting the Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and Thrift Stores since I was 18, which is Eons ago, lol. I’ve never followed the so called trends, although when tye dye came out it was love at first sight and I still wear some.

    I went to Catholic school through my freshman year in high school, and after wearing a uniform and conforming to other rules and codes you just kinda want to break out. I have a self portrait of myself when I was about 6 or 7 and my outfit is all different colors.

    I have never had an overflowing closet, and some things I wear & mend until they are ready for the rag bin. I like your idea about separating the clothes in your closet & then deciding what you really want to keep.

    Feeling good in your own skin and then accenting that with comfortable clothing should be a reflection of who you are, and I like your premise that no one is going to remember what you wore, except maybe on that first date or a very special occasion where you really shine.

    1. Thanks, Maria! That’s great you’ve known how to value clothes for so long. It’s amazing how many places we can find hidden treasures of clothing at an affordable price. And that’s cool you like to wear a lot of colors. It goes to shows that minimalists don’t have to just wear white, gray, or dark colored t-shirts. A nice feeling it is when our clothes can make us feel good while at the same time not be something we take too seriously.