100 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days trivia questions and answers! This 2003 romantic comedy has been a fan-favorite for years, and for good reason. Its enchanting storyline combined with the charismatic performances by Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey have left a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

Whether you’ve seen the movie once, or a hundred times, this trivia post is for you. Test your knowledge and see how well you remember the plot, the characters, the music, and the iconic moments from this beloved film. From in-depth queries about the storyline to fun facts about the cast, these 100 questions cover all aspects of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. So, are you ready to embark on this nostalgic journey? Let the game begin!

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1. Who directed “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”?

2. Who played the role of Benjamin Barry in the film?

3. Who played the role of Andie Anderson?

4. What was Andie Anderson’s job in the movie?

5. What magazine did Andie Anderson work for?

6. What does Benjamin Barry bet his boss?

7. What is the title of Andie’s article that she has to write?

8. Who plays the role of Benjamin’s rival, Judy Spears?

9. Who played the role of Andie’s friend and coworker, Jeannie Ashcroft?

10. What nickname does Andie give to Benjamin’s penis?

11. What gift does Andie give Benjamin on day three of their relationship?

12. What sport does Andie pretend to like to win Benjamin’s heart?

13. How does Andie embarrass Benjamin at the Knicks game?

14. Who is the singer of the song “You’re So Vain” that is featured in the movie?

15. What does Andie do to Benjamin’s work presentation?

16. What board game do Andie and Benjamin play with his family?

17. Who plays Benjamin’s mother in the film?

18. Who is the boss of Benjamin Barry in the movie?

19. In which city does the movie take place?

20. What kind of pet does Andie get for Benjamin?

21. Who is the artist of the song “Feels So Good” which was played in the movie?

22. What fake family tragedy does Andie invent?

23. What does Andie do to Benjamin’s steak at his work party?

24. Which year was “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” released?

25. What is the profession of Benjamin Barry in the film?

26. Who wrote the original book “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”?

27. What iconic necklace does Benjamin give Andie in the film?

28. Who was the costume designer for the film?

29. What type of bike does Benjamin ride in the film?

30. What big event do Andie and Benjamin attend together at the end of the movie?

31. Which fashion brand’s yellow dress did Andie wear to the party?

32. How does Benjamin realize that Andie was playing him?

33. How does Andie reveal her feelings to Benjamin in the end?

34. How does the film end?

35. Which artist’s song “Catch Me If You Can” is featured in the movie?

36. What kind of car does Benjamin drive in the movie?

37. Who plays Andie’s friend, Michelle Rubin?

38. What does Benjamin tell Andie his favorite color is?

39. Who plays Benjamin’s best friend, Tony?

40. What big purchase does Andie pretend to make without consulting Benjamin?

41. What song does Andie sing at the karaoke bar?

42. Who is the author of the song “Good Day” which features in the movie?

43. How does Andie respond when Benjamin tells her he loves her?

44. How does Andie make Benjamin late for work?

45. What is the color of the bathroom Andie redecorates?

46. Where does Benjamin take Andie on their first date?

47. Which card game do Benjamin and Andie play with his family?

48. Who is Benjamin’s co-worker who bets against him?

49. What movie are Andie and Ben watching when they are eating Chinese food?

50. What does Andie write about in her final Composure magazine article?

51. What is the name of Andie’s editor at Composure magazine?

52. What does Andie put in Ben’s drink at the party?

53. What does Andie wear to the basketball game?

54. What do Andie and Benjamin name their imaginary children?

55. Who plays the role of Benjamin’s boss, Phillip Warren?

56. What do Andie and Benjamin use to take their couple’s therapy session?

57. What does Andie cook for Benjamin at his apartment?

58. What song does Andie play to annoy Benjamin?

59. What does Andie wear to the guys’ poker night?

60. What kind of therapy does Andie suggest for Benjamin?

61. What does Andie do to Benjamin’s beloved pool table?

62. Who won the bet between Benjamin and his colleagues?

63. What false name does Andie give to Benjamin when they first meet?

64. What happens to the love fern?

65. What kind of jewelry does Benjamin work with in the movie?

66. What event does Benjamin miss because of Andie’s antics?

67. What is the color of Andie’s dress in the final scene?

68. What is the name of the diamond company Benjamin is trying to win over?

69. What role does Shalom Harlow play in the movie?

70. Who sings “Follow You Down” in the movie?

71. Who sings “Kiss Me” in the movie?

72. Who wins at the card game during the visit to Benjamin’s family?

73. How does Benjamin win Andie back in the end?

74. How does Andie initially react to Benjamin’s declaration of love?

75. What happens to Krull the dog?

76. What is the name of the song Andie and Benjamin dance to at the DeLauer party?

77. What does Andie do with the Isadora Diamond after the party?

78. What does Andie claim to be a practitioner of in the movie?

79. Where do Andie and Benjamin go on their final date?

80. How many days does it take for Benjamin to say “I love you” to Andie?

81. What color is the love fern Andie gives Benjamin?

82. What does Benjamin do for Andie on the final day of their 10-day relationship?

83. How does Andie react when she realizes Benjamin was betting on their relationship?

84. How does Benjamin’s boss react to his relationship with Andie?

85. What kind of food does Benjamin buy for Andie after their first date?

86. What song does Benjamin’s family sing during their visit?

87. How does Benjamin react to Andie’s redecoration of his bathroom?

88. What happens to Benjamin’s pool table after Andie decorates it?

89. What does Benjamin do after he finds out about Andie’s article?

90. What does Benjamin say to Andie on the Queensboro Bridge?

91. How does the movie start?

92. What is Andie’s response when Benjamin asks her to the party?

93. What is the theme of the party Andie and Benjamin attend?

94. What does Andie wear to her first meeting with Benjamin?

95. What is the name of the restaurant where Andie and Benjamin have their first date?

96. What does Andie say to Benjamin before she leaves the party?

97. How does Benjamin’s colleague react when he wins the bet?

98. What does Andie say in her article about falling in love?

99. What does Benjamin do after reading Andie’s article?

100. How does the movie end?

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