95 JoJo Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the ultimate JoJo trivia challenge for all JoJo enthusiasts! Dive deep into the world of Stands, Hamon, and the Joestar lineage with these 95 carefully curated questions. From the streets of Morioh to the intense battles in Egypt, test your knowledge across the various sagas of Hirohiko Araki’s epic masterpiece, “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a recent convert to the series, these questions are sure to challenge and entertain. So, are you ready to embark on this bizarre journey? Let the trivia begin!

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1. Who is the author of ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’?

2. Which Part introduced Stands?

3. Who is Jotaro Kujo’s mother?

4. What Stand belongs to Giorno Giovanna?

5. Which JoJo is known for saying ‘Yare Yare Daze’?

6. In which Part does the ‘Steel Ball Run’ race take place?

7. What is the Stand of Rohan Kishibe?

8. Which JoJo antagonist desires a ‘Heaven’?

9. Which character is a mafia boss in Part 5?

10. Which Stand can age things rapidly?

11. What is Josuke Higashikata’s Stand in Part 4?

12. Who is the main antagonist of ‘Stone Ocean’?

13. Which Part is set in the town of Morioh?

14. What Stand does DIO possess in ‘Stardust Crusaders’?

15. Who uses the Stand ‘Sticky Fingers’?

16. What power does the Stand ‘King Crimson’ have?

17. Which Stand allows its user to create zippers?

18. Which JoJo character uses the Stand ‘Silver Chariot’?

19. What is the Japanese name for ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’?

20. Who is the main villain in ‘Battle Tendency’?

21. What is the Stand of Noriaki Kakyoin?

22. What power does ‘Gold Experience Requiem’ possess?

23. Which JoJo protagonist has a hat that blends into his hair?

24. Who is Giorno Giovanna’s father?

25. Which Stand possesses the ability to fix broken items?

26. In which part is the ‘Higashikata’ family introduced?

27. Who is the main antagonist of ‘Vento Aureo’?

28. What Stand ability does ‘Echoes’ primarily use?

29. What ability does the ‘Bites the Dust’ Stand have?

30. What is the Stand of Jolyne Cujoh?

31. What is Joseph Joestar’s main battle tactic?

32. Who uses the Stand ‘Aerosmith’?

33. Which Stand can deflect any attack?

34. Who possesses the Stand ‘Purple Haze’?

35. Which Stand can predict the future via manga?

36. In ‘Stone Ocean’, what is the Stand of Emporio Alnino?

37. What ability does the Stand ‘Killer Queen’ possess?

38. What is the name of Lisa Lisa’s Stand?

39. In ‘Phantom Blood’, who adopts Dio Brando?

40. Who uses the Stand ‘Sex Pistols’?

41. Which character can move in frozen time using ‘Star Platinum’?

42. What kind of animal is Iggy?

43. Which Stand uses the power of the sun?

44. Who wields the Stand ‘D4C’?

45. Which Joestar possesses the Stand ‘Hermit Purple’?

46. What material is needed to attain a ‘Requiem’ Stand?

47. What is the primary setting of ‘Stone Ocean’?

48. What is the Stand of Okuyasu Nijimura?

49. Who is the main antagonist in ‘Golden Wind’?

50. Which Stand belongs to Johnny Joestar?

51. In which Part does the Stand ‘Soft & Wet’ appear?

52. Who possesses the Stand ‘Whitesnake’?

53. Which Stand can shrink things?

54. Which character uses the Stand ‘Weather Report’?

55. Who is the main antagonist in ‘Jojolion’?

56. Which Joestar lived in England during the late 1800s?

57. What is the real name of ‘Gyro Zeppeli’?

58. Who uses the Stand ‘Bad Company’?

59. Which JoJo character uses Hamon to fight zombies?

60. Who uses the Stand ‘Man in the Mirror’?

61. Who helps Joseph Joestar fight the Pillar Men?

62. What Stand does Enrico Pucci obtain at the end of ‘Stone Ocean’?

63. What ability does the Stand ‘Spice Girl’ have?

64. Who uses the Stand ‘Beach Boy’?

65. Which Stand protects Joseph Joestar’s body after his death?

66. Which Stand has the ability to create illusions?

67. Who uses the Stand ‘Moody Blues’?

68. Which Stand can alter memories?

69. Who is Joseph Joestar’s daughter?

70. What is the Stand of Yoshikage Kira?

71. Which character uses the Stand ‘Green Day’?

72. Which Stand protects a user by redirecting damage?

73. What ability does the Stand ‘C-Moon’ possess?

74. Who possesses the Stand ‘Gold Experience’?

75. Which JoJo protagonist works as a marine biologist?

76. Who uses the Stand ‘Stray Cat’?

77. Which Stand creates lifeforms by accelerating time?

78. Who uses the Stand ‘Harvest’?

79. Which JoJo is famous for being a skilled mangaka?

80. Who does Josuke Higashikata fight last in ‘Diamond is Unbreakable’?

81. Which Stand transforms objects into dinosaurs?

82. Which character becomes the president of the United States?

83. Who is the user of the Stand ‘Killer Queen Bites the Dust’?

84. Who uses the Stand ‘Echoes’?

85. What Stand does Robert E.O. Speedwagon possess?

86. Who transforms into the ultimate lifeform?

87. Which Part introduces the concept of ‘Spin’?

88. Which Stand is used by Bruno Bucciarati?

89. Who defeats Kars in ‘Battle Tendency’?

90. What material must be pierced for a Stand to achieve its ‘Requiem’ form?

91. Which JoJo is related to the Zeppeli family?

92. What is the Stand of Foo Fighters?

93. Which Stand has the ability to transfer damage?

94. What is the Stand of Hol Horse?

95. Who uses the Stand ‘The Fool’?

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