25 Gifts For Minimalists This Christmas (2021)

Minimalist gifts

Minimalist gifts for Christmas are a little different from your usual gifts. If you have minimalists in your family you’ll be spending time with this holiday season, consider the following things:

  • Minimalists tend to value experiences over physical items
  • They prefer consumable physical items or items that are digital to avoid clutter.
  • Minimalists appreciate items that will last long

By keeping these things in mind, it’ll help you simplify the gift-giving process when you look for something for your simple living loved one. Here are 25 clutter-free gifts that your minimalist loved one will really enjoy.

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25 Minimalist Gifts

1. Kindle Unlimited for book lovers

While physical books are nice, they can take up a lot of space at times. To clear up more space for your favorite reader, you can gift them a kindle unlimited.

The process to do it is pretty simple. Here’s the Kindle Unlimited Gifting information to get you started.

2. Reservation at a fancy restaurant

Minimalist gifts for her

It’s probably not often many of us get to go to a fancy restaurant. A place where the appetizer almost costs as much as a full meal at a regular place.

You may have the type of friend or family member that likes to have luxury experiences. Eating at a fancy restaurant can be the perfect gift to satisfy that desire.

You’ll either remember how great the food tasted or at worst, maybe laugh and wonder why the restaurant got such a high rating. Either way, you’ll give your minimalist loved one a memorable experience.

3. Different flavors of tea

Some people are a big fan of drinking tea. For the tea lover in your life, consider getting them a pack of different flavors of tea. A google search for assorted tea will lead you to a variety of options.

4. Consumable gifts

There are many different consumable gift ideas you can consider for your minimalist loved one. Among the ones you can consider include:

  • Coffee beans in bulk
  • Scented candles
  • Spices
  • Christmas cookies
  • Shampoo bars
  • Fine soap
  • Fancy perfume or cologne

5. Tickets to a live event

Minimalist gifts for kids

An experience like this is one of those minimalist gifts that can truly last a lifetime. I once knew someone who bought tickets to a Kevin Hart show for their boyfriend (now husband).

It was his favorite comedian. They both really enjoyed the show, and they have that memory for the rest of their lives.

With whoever you’re close with, you probably know their comedy or music preferences. If you have enough, and the person they like is in town, buy tickets for you two to enjoy. Research has found that going to a music concert is healthier than yoga and dog walking, and can potentially add 9 years to your life.

6. Gift cards

Gift cards

Giving a card can allow your simple living friend to pick out what they want from a store they like. Look for cards related to their interests.

7. Skydiving

Minimalism gift

Is your minimalist loved one a daredevil? Are they really adventurous?

Then this present might really excite them. If they’ve ever indicated they want to skydive one day, as a friend of mine has, you should save up for a skydiving session.

With some companies, prices aren’t as expensive as you might think. In addition, you can check out Groupon in your area to see if the skydiving company offers any specific discounts such as student or military discounts.

8. Cabin trip

Gifts for minimalists 2019

Minimalist nature lovers would thoroughly enjoy this gift. It also seems like a unique experience in general that most people have never had.

This can be a great chance to get away from the business of life. In addition, your right near all the nature, which a lot of research has shown can make us more relaxed and stress-free.

You and your minimalist person a chance to breathe in some fresh air and get some good exercise. By the end, you two will feel rejuvenated, making this one of the best presents to give.

9. Dance class

Gifts for minimalist mom

If dancing is a passion of your minimalist friend, a dance class will be great for them to enjoy. It also has a ton of benefits for health as well.

A Healthline article notes that dancing can increase cognitive ability, increase cardiovascular health, and boost our mood. I’ve known a few people throughout my life who felt a dance class gave them a chance to blow off steam.

You can give your minimalist friend that chance as well. You could make the minimalist gift even more interesting for them by picking a class in a dance style they don’t know.

10. Cooking class

Gifts for minimalist boyfriend

This is might be one of the best simple presents for the chefs and even the non-chefs in your life. I wasn’t much into cooking growing up, but once I started learning, I found it to be a little relaxing.

I also enjoyed figuring out how to make food for myself. This can potentially be the benefits that you give your minimalist person through this gift.

In addition, a Harvard article notes that people who eat more home-cooked meals tend to be healthier. So you’re not only potentially giving your minimalist person a new skill, you’re helping them be healthier too.

11. State park pass

State park

State parks give a minimalist nature lover a full dose of the outdoors. The two of you can witness the beauty of mountains and wild animals in places like Yellowstone Natural Park.

The exercise from the hiking will be great for your minimalist friend too. A WebMD article notes that hiking can help improve balance, control your weight, and decrease your stress.

12. Yoga class


While yoga has become very popular these days, there are still many people who’ve never taken a class before. Perhaps your minimalist friend is one of them. It could be a great first-time experience for both of you, and perhaps you two would even go back more often.

I probably don’t have to mention this, but it’s still worth noting that yes, there are benefits to doing yoga. But of course, it’s wise to consult with a medical professional before you start doing a new practice of exercise.

13. Date night babysitting

Date night

Is your minimalist friend married with kids? Then they’ll love this minimalist gift. A Psychology Today article notes that date nights help couples maintain friendship and emotional connection to one another.

The article also notes that when a partner is viewed as a friend more than an adversary, this makes conflict resolution easier. Needless to say, you’ll be doing your minimalist friend or family member a big favor by taking the kids off their hands for a night. Hard to think of any simple presents that would be better for a parent.

14. Audio subscription

Whether your loved one is a music lover or likes listening to podcasts or books, an audio subscription would allow them to enjoy more of that. Spotify, Apple, and Pandora Premium offer both podcasts and music to listen to. Amazon Audible membership plans can allow someone to listen to audio books and podcasts.

15. Donation to your loved ones favorite charity

If your simple living friend is adamant about not wanting anything, you can give them the present of donating to their favorite charity. They’ll be happy their cause is getting support, and you’ll even feel good to be altruistic in this way.

16. Ancestry DNA

I was looking into this site myself not long ago. You can make that special person i your life feel more connected to their roots by getting them an Ancestry DNA kit. You could also get them the family tree package as well.

17. Meal prep service

Purchasing a meal prep kit can be the perfect choice to give someone who doesn’t like to cook. If they’re trying to eat better or starting a new diet, you can get one specific to what they’ll need.

18. Spa day

Some rest rand relaxation at a spa could be just the right present for someone overworked during the holidays. Search for some local spas in your area that have good reviews.

19. Cleaning services

Ordering cleaning service to clean someone’s home might really help uplift someone in these times. Search around for a cleaning service that’s got good reviews, or if you want, you can offer to do the cleaning yourself.

20. Museum membership

There are some people who still like going to one. If your friend is one of them, they’ll be sure to appreciate a museum membership.

21. Amusement park pass

An amusement park pass is great for someone who still embraces their inner-child. You can also give it to a friend or family member with kids.

22. Therapy sessions

Perhaps we could all use therapy in the recent challenges that we’ve been going through. If you have someone close to you who’s been really stressed lately, maybe this might help. Just try to be a little sensitive about offering to pay for therapy sessions for them.

23. Pay their next month’s rent

Almost nobody would be unhappy to have their rent paid in these times. You can allow that person to have a little extra to do something fun or meaningful for themselves.

24. Pet sit or house sit

If your loved one is going away for the holidays, offer to pet sit or house sit for them. It’ll take a huge burden off their shoulders.

25. Cash deposit

If nothing else, you can always give your simple living loved one some cash. They can either save, spend it on something, or give it away.

What is the most thoughtful gift?

Perhaps the most thoughtful gift is one that is tailored to what a person enjoys talking about, what a person enjoys doing, or just what a person needs. Similarly, with simple living presents, you can find an experience that fits within those guidelines and really gives your loved one a special gift.

What do you get a non-materialistic person?

A non-materialistic person will enjoy a gift that focuses on creating a memory. Giving an experience gift can give a non-materialistic person exactly the kind of joy they’d want in a minimalist gift.

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