75 New Jersey Trivia Questions And Answers

Get ready to dive into a fascinating array of trivia that captures the essence of New Jersey! From historical events to natural landmarks, state symbols to cultural highlights, this trivia set offers a comprehensive look at what makes the Garden State unique. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or just curious about New Jersey Trivia, there’s something here to pique your interest. Enjoy testing your knowledge and learning something new along the way!

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1. What is the state bird of New Jersey?

2. Which U.S. President was born in New Jersey?

3. What is the capital of New Jersey?

4. What is the state flower of New Jersey?

5. In which year did New Jersey become a state?

6. Which famous inventor had a laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey?

7. Which New Jersey city is known for its boardwalk?

8. What is the state motto of New Jersey?

9. Which river forms the western border of New Jersey?

10. Which ocean borders New Jersey to the east?

11. What is New Jersey’s nickname?

12. Which fruit is New Jersey famous for?

13. Which Ivy League university is located in New Jersey?

14. What is the state shell of New Jersey?

15. Which New Jersey city is known as the ‘Brick City’?

16. What is the state dance of New Jersey?

17. Which famous World War II figure was from Absecon, New Jersey?

18. What is the state animal of New Jersey?

19. Which New Jersey city was the first to host a Miss America pageant?

20. What is the largest lake in New Jersey?

21. Which New Jersey county is the most populous?

22. Which stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is home to the New York Giants and New York Jets?

23. What is the state fish of New Jersey?

24. What is the state tree of New Jersey?

25. What is the state bug of New Jersey?

26. Which famous rock star was born in Long Branch, New Jersey?

27. Which U.S. state is directly south of New Jersey?

28. What body of water separates New Jersey from Staten Island?

29. Which popular shore destination in New Jersey is known for its music scene?

30. What bridge connects New Jersey to Pennsylvania?

31. Which major chemical company was founded in Wilmington, Delaware but has large operations in New Jersey?

32. Who was the New Jersey Governor before Phil Murphy?

33. Which Revolutionary War figure famously crossed the Delaware River to attack Trenton?

34. What is the state soil of New Jersey?

35. Which New Jersey city is famous for its glass making?

36. What is the state mineral of New Jersey?

37. What New Jersey city is known as ‘The Mile Square City’?

38. Which trail runs through New Jersey and extends from Maine to Georgia?

39. Which airport in New Jersey is one of the busiest in the United States?

40. What is the oldest college in New Jersey?

41. What major New Jersey city is known for its pharmaceutical industries?

42. What New Jersey mall is one of the largest in America?

43. What is the state color of New Jersey?

44. What New Jersey town claims to be the Blueberry Capital of the World?

45. What is the population rank of New Jersey among U.S. states?

46. Which beach in New Jersey is considered one of the best for families?

47. What is the most common surname in New Jersey?

48. Which basketball legend was born in Newark, New Jersey?

49. Which New Jersey city was the birthplace of Frank Sinatra?

50. Which is the longest river entirely within New Jersey?

51. What does the word ‘Hoboken’ mean?

52. What is the state motto of the New Jersey National Guard?

53. What New Jersey racetrack is famous for horse racing?

54. Which New Jersey city was originally called ‘New Orange’?

55. Which animal is the state marine mammal of New Jersey?

56. Which actress from ‘Friends’ was born in Passaic, New Jersey?

57. Which dam in New Jersey is the largest in the Eastern United States?

58. What New Jersey city was once the silk capital of America?

59. What island resort city is nicknamed the ‘Queen of Resorts’?

60. Which large park in Newark is the oldest county park in the United States?

61. Which New Jersey city is known as ‘Gateway City’?

62. Which lighthouse is the tallest in New Jersey?

63. What is the oldest remaining covered bridge in New Jersey?

64. What is the busiest road in New Jersey?

65. Which New Jersey town is known as the ‘Daffodil Capital’?

66. What is the largest inland body of water in New Jersey?

67. What is the official state vessel?

68. Who was the first female Governor of New Jersey?

69. What fort was a crucial Revolutionary War site in New Jersey?

70. What is the smallest municipality in New Jersey?

71. Which New Jersey city is known as the ‘Capital of American Diners’?

72. What is the oldest weekly newspaper in New Jersey?

73. Which New Jersey city is home to the world’s largest model railroad?

74. Which major corporation was founded in New Brunswick, New Jersey?

75. What famous singer was nicknamed ‘The Hoboken Four’?

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