November Trivia Questions And Answers (2022)

November, the 11th month in our calendar year, has seen many historical events over the years. These November trivia questions and answers will teach you interesting things about this month.

Events that happen in November include Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and Black Friday. You can enjoy our November trivia questions while you reminisce on all the things you’re grateful for.

Get ready for some good old quiz fun. Here are 35 November trivia questions and answers. If you like our November trivia, you might also like our fall, Black Friday, and election trivia.

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November Trivia Questions

Fall leaves in november

1. What is the birthstone for the month of November?

2. Which two zodiac signs in Western astrology are born in November?

3. What does the November birthstone symbolize?

4. Which popular American holiday occurs in November?

5. The first medical school for women opened in November of 1848 in which U.S. city?

6. What is the birth flower for the month of November?

7. Which famous author, known for his series “The Chronicles of Narnia”, was born in November?

8. Which actor, made famous by his role in the movie “Titanic”, was born in November?

9. The tomb of which famous Egyptian child King was found in November of 1922?

10. In November of 1512, Michelangelo exhibited his now-famous painting in which building?

11. Which South American country became a republic in November of 1889?

12. In November of 1969, 250,000 people gathered for an antiwar rally to protest which war?

13. The Parker Brothers first introduced which popular board game in November of 1935?

14. “The Wizard of Oz” was aired on TV for the first time in November of which year?

15. President Abraham Lincoln delivered which famous speech in November 1863?

16. Diwali, an annual festival that occurs in India during November, lasts for how many days?

17. November 11th is Independence Day for which European country?

18. November 11th is also the date for which holiday in America?

19. Thanksgiving was declared the first national holiday in America by which President?

20. The word “November” comes from a Latin word meaning what?

21. The month of November occurs during late spring for which hemisphere?

22. Apartheid ended in which country in November 1995?

23. What is the Chinese zodiac animal for November?

24. In what year did “No Shave November” begin?

25. “No Shave November” is practiced in which two countries?

26. The first occupied space capsule was launched into space in November of 1957 carrying what type of animal?

27. Who became Ireland’s first female President on November 7th, 1990?

28. Which famous chemist was born in November 1867?

29. November was originally the ninth month in which calendar?

30. November became National Native American Heritage Month in which year?

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