Personal Growth Challenges – 15 Ways To Better Yourself

Whether you call it personal growth or self-growth, it’s an important part of having happiness in your journey. Consistently taking on new challenges with the goals you set helps you to become a fuller version of yourself.

You can achieve a new level of confidence and be more satisfied in your daily life. If you’d like to go on an adventure of personal development, here are some good examples of personal challenges to take yourself to the next level.

15 Self-growth Challenges

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1. Have a good conversation with someone everyday

Try to have a good talk with a friend, family member, or even a stranger. Getting along with people is an important part of making it in this world.

By having a good conversation with someone everyday, you develop your ability to communicate. You get better at getting along with people. Getting better at creating more good interactions with people opens the door to getting more cooperation from others.

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2. Plan a morning, afternoon, and evening routine

Having a plan to start the day can help you get your day started off right. But it shouldn’t stop there. We should have a routine for our afternoons and evenings too.

If we have one for every part of our day, we can accomplish more. Increasing your productivity can help you get closer to the life you want faster.

You’ll also learn how to better maximize your energy by knowing which tasks are best to do at which times. You could do working out and meditating in the morning to build up your focus for the day.

You could try to accomplish something easy in the afternoon since our energy tends to fall as the day ends. In the evening , you could read before bed to help you fall asleep better

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3. Journal your thoughts in the morning and evening

Journaling can be a great way to better understand your thoughts in life. It can also be good for managing your emotions.

You could journal in the morning to get an idea of how you’re feeling to start the day. You could discuss some of your worries or talk about your expectations.

At the end of the day, you could go over how your day went. Think about it if it went the way you thought it would. One really useful thing you can do is to find a lesson in your day that can help you moving forward.

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4. Gain new knowledge to be a better adult.

Being an adult can be stressful at times. One way you can make it less stressful is to learn more new knowledge to be a better adult.

You could learn new knowledge on how to manage your budget or how to fix something in your budget. It might be helpful to pick one of the things as an adult you find most stressful and learn something that can help make it easier.

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5. Do something different or out of the ordinary

While routines are good, doing the same thing everyday doesn’t help you grow. You can enhance yourself as an adult by adding new experiences to your life.

It can be something as small as taking a different route to work. You learn a new way to get to work and get a better understanding of what’s around your town.

Doing something out of the ordinary can provide you a new perspective. You can discover things aren’t always as they seem and potentially make better judgments in life.

6. Recognize your positive traits daily

We can sometimes spend a lot of our thought life being critical of ourselves. While it’s important to recognize what you need to improve, you should also recognize what’s good about you too.

Think about the most successful and happiest-looking people in life. They recognize the good in who they are and own that. You can do the same too.

Everyday, remind yourself of what positive traits you have. Choose to feel good about the unique person you’re growing to be.

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7. Lessen the negative energy you deal with

It can make a big difference in your mental wellness to deal with less negative energy in your life. Find ways to spend less time around those who are negative.

Try to spend less time watching the news or browsing any internet news websites. Most of them tend to be filled with negative stories that only bring us down.

If you still want to be informed, read or watch only a few minutes of news a day. You could do it once in the morning and once in the evening.

8. Buy less expensive options

A helpful way to save and spend less is look for less expensive options to purchase. Help yourself grow financially by finding cheaper options for the things you enjoy.

Eat at restaurants that have more affordable menu prices. Buy generic brands of popular foods you like. Challenge yourself to find ways to spend less on the things you need or enjoy in life.

9. Ask a qualified professional how you can be better

It’s good to get ideas from others about how we can be better. You could seek therapy and see what useful insights you gain from it.

You could communicate to your local pastor or find a mentor in life. While you can ask friends and family, it might be better to ask someone who has less bias in their opinion of you.

10. Stop using your devices an hour before bed

Eliminate the digital distraction as you wind down at night. Use the time to journal, read, and just help yourself relax. Doing this might make it easier for you to fall asleep and get the full night’s rest you need.

11. Use social media as a way to connect with people

It sounds like an odd challenge since that’s what social media was designed for. But most of us use it to aimlessly scroll.

We scroll through other people’s manufactured lives that appear to be better than our own. We scroll through a lot of negative content or get into arguments.

Instead, use social media to have positive connections with friends and family you don’t see as often. Catch up on how someone’s doing or leave a positive comment on someone’s social media content.

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12. Maintain an organized space

It can be quite a challenge to declutter and clean our homes at times. Still, it can be good for creating a space that makes us calm and relaxed.

Work on consistently sweeping your floors, scrubbing your counters, and keeping things in a specific place. With things organized, it can be easier to get what you’re looking for quicker and be more efficient.

13. Be more present

Try to spend less time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Practice mindfulness and living in the moment.

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14. Be more understanding of people

We can all have strong opinions about things in life. Sometimes those opinions can be so strong, we refuse to be understanding of other people differences.

Take time to learn more about people’s perspectives that are different than yours. Choose to empathize with their concerns more.

Be understanding of people’s potential problems causing them to be who they are. Make it a goal to try to be kind and respectful to everyone regardless of how they treat you. Living up to your ideal character can be something that makes you feel good.

15. End everyday with gratitude

Find one thing in your day you can be glad for. It can be as simple as just finishing the day.

Work on building an attitude of gratitude as a part of your life. It’ll help you to be less sad or angry about your circumstances.

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What are the challenges of personal development?

A lack of motivation and self-discipline are two of the main barriers to personal development. Motivation and discipline can decline if one’s progress is slow or if things feel like they’re getting hard.

Try to remember the bigger picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. Visualize what you hope to achieve at the end of all the work you’re putting in to your goals. These and other strategies can help you stay motivated and disciplined in your personal development.

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What is the most difficult aspect of personal growth?

Beyond discipline and motivation, sometimes the most difficult aspect of personal growth is just getting started. Sometimes you don’t feel as positive about yourself at times. You don’t have the confidence to do new things to become better and overcome your difficulties.

It’s helpful to establish more positive self-talk in your mentality. Thinking of yourself in better terms can help you feel good to take more action in life.

Be inspired to take on a new challenge to make yourself stronger and wiser. Feel free to share a new one you’ve started and how it’s helping you to be better than you were before.

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