69 Peter Pan Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to the enchanting world of Peter Pan trivia! In this collection of 69 captivating questions and concise answers, we delve into the timeless adventures of J.M. Barrie’s beloved characters. Explore the magical realm of Neverland, meet the mischievous Peter Pan, brave Captain Hook, and the charming Darling children, Wendy, John, and Michael. Test your knowledge of this classic tale, from the lost shadows to the ticking crocodile, as we journey through the pages of this timeless story. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a curious newcomer, get ready to embark on a journey to the second star on the right and straight on till morning as we uncover the secrets and wonders of “Peter Pan”!

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1. Who is the author of ‘Peter Pan’?

2. In what year was the play ‘Peter Pan’ first performed?

3. What is the name of Wendy’s younger brother?

4. Which character loses his shadow?

5. Who is the pirate captain Peter Pan often battles?

6. What is Captain Hook’s ship called?

7. Who is the fairy that accompanies Peter?

8. What is the island called where Peter Pan lives?

9. Which animal is always after Captain Hook?

10. What do children need to fly in the story?

11. What is Wendy’s last name?

12. Who are the indigenous tribe Peter interacts with?

13. Who is the Indian princess in Neverland?

14. Which character is known for ticking?

15. Who saves Tiger Lily from drowning?

16. What does Captain Hook fear more than the crocodile?

17. What animal is Nana?

18. Where do the Darling children live?

19. Which hand did Captain Hook lose?

20. Which bird did Peter Pan say Wendy’s kiss was like?

21. Who is the oldest of the Darling children?

22. Who sings the song ‘Following the Leader’?

23. What does Captain Hook use to lure Peter Pan into a trap?

24. Who sews Peter Pan’s shadow back on?

25. What is the color of Peter Pan’s hat?

26. How many Darling children are there?

27. Who does Wendy tell bedtime stories to in Neverland?

28. Who tries to poison Peter Pan’s medicine?

29. Which character is a skylight-cleaning fairy?

30. What makes Tinker Bell come back to life?

31. Which character can imitate others’ voices?

32. Who is the youngest Darling child?

33. Who is Peter Pan’s main enemy?

34. Where does Peter Pan take Wendy and her brothers?

35. Who is jealous of Wendy’s relationship with Peter?

36. Who wants to grow up and leave Neverland?

37. What does Peter Pan play to alert the Lost Boys?

38. Who looks after the Lost Boys in Peter’s absence?

39. What does Captain Hook want from Peter Pan?

40. Who does Captain Hook capture to bait Peter Pan?

41. What’s the one thing Peter Pan has never experienced?

42. Who teaches the Darling children to fly?

43. Where is Neverland located?

44. What does Peter Pan consider ‘a big adventure’?

45. Who guards the entrance to the Lost Boys’ underground home?

46. Why is Tinker Bell initially hostile towards Wendy?

47. Who does Peter Pan say taught him to fly?

48. Which character can’t remember his parents?

49. What does Wendy give Peter Pan as a kiss?

50. Who are Captain Hook’s crew?

51. Who says, ‘I do believe in fairies! I do! I do!’?

52. How does Peter Pan save Wendy from walking the plank?

53. Who is the first to sign up to return to the real world with Wendy?

54. How do the Darling children wake up after their adventure?

55. Who rescues the Darling children from the pirates?

56. How does Peter Pan describe Neverland?

57. Who does Peter Pan say is his best friend?

58. Who becomes the new leader of the Lost Boys when they return to London?

59. Why does Captain Hook have a hook for a hand?

60. Who is often seen carrying a teddy bear in Neverland?

61. Who tells Peter Pan about the ‘kiss’ Wendy gave him?

62. What is the name of the lagoon in Neverland?

63. How does Peter Pan announce his presence?

64. Who says, ‘Oh, the cleverness of me!’?

65. What does Wendy want to do for the Lost Boys in Neverland?

66. Who is considered the ‘wise’ Lost Boy?

67. Who plays the role of father in the games in Neverland?

68. How does Peter Pan refer to his shadow?

69. What does Captain Hook leave with the captured Tiger Lily?

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