7 Tips to Stop Caring About What People Think

If you’re more of an introverted type, you’ve probably struggled with worrying about what others think of you.

Maybe you’ve felt self-conscious about how you look or how you’re acting in front of others. You may have felt intense anxiety hoping you weren’t doing anything wrong or not going to mess up.

That level of insecurity can be crippling to your ability to enjoy life. Learning to let go of your concerns about other people’s thoughts about you can save you a lot of time and energy.

Can you stop caring about other people’s opinions?

We can all develop an ability to choose not to care so much what other’s think through developing our confidence and learning to accept criticism.

You have to know how to feel so good about yourself, no one’s words can make you feel bad.

You have to accept that sometimes people aren’t going to like you, but it doesn’t always have to do with you said or did.

That it’s sometimes just because they have a problem that they can’t fix so they take out on others.

Why am I so bothered about what others think?

We’re bothered by what people think sometimes out of a desire for acceptance. Everybody to some extent wants to be liked or loved by somebody.

It’s out of that desire that we can get so consumed with wondering if we’re doing or saying the right things to be accepted in situations.

On a small scale, that’s a good concern to have, because it helps us to be kind and respectful towards others.

But when you excessively think about whether you’re doing right to be accepted, it can make you anxious and potentially allow people to walk all over you.

Learning how to not care about the thoughts of others is an important part of maintaining your peace and joy in life.

Here are a few ideas that can help you no longer be overly concerned with what people think of you.

7 tips to stop caring what others think

Girl bending backwards in dress not caring what other people think

1. Know the person you are

One of the things that helped me most with not caring too much what people think about me is knowing who I am.

I know the kind of person I am, and I know the kind of person I strive to be. So, if someone says something contrary to what I believe, it doesn’t faze me as much.

I’ve improved in establishing my sense of who I am and I’m better able to own it. If you haven’t quite gotten there yet, take time to reflect on the person you see yourself as.

When you improve in knowing who you are, it’s easier to not care what other people think you are.

2. Recognize your worth

No matter how critical people can be of you, you are enough as you are. Don’t let people make you feel down for not always doing or being what they see as right or best in their eyes.

Even so, you are still worthy of respect and kindness like everybody else. You have unique qualities and characteristics that make you a person of worth.

If you hold firmly to that idea, you’ll feel less hurt. Find affirmations that you can repeat to yourself to keep your mind believing in your personal worth.

3. Trust your own evaluation

We have a habit of placing higher respect on other people’s evaluations of us than our own. Take back your power in knowing that you can be the judge of your character and personality.

People may offer us insights for us that might be useful, but we have a right to conclude for ourselves whether there’s truth in what other’s say or think of us.

But if in some cases, you believe you have your reasons for why you’re doing what you’re doing or saying what you’re saying, then stand firm in that. Trust your evaluation of yourself.

4. Laugh off what people say

Sometimes it’s helped me to make a joke out of what people say about me. Other times I just laugh at people’s criticisms.

Perhaps it’s a thing that happens when we get older, but you learn to not take other people’s thoughts so seriously all the time.

5. Be okay with being disliked

Some people aren’t going to like you. You can’t please everybody and that’s okay.

The most confident people recognize that and choose to be themselves because they know some people will like them for who they are.

When you find those people that do accept you and encourage you in life, it’s a lot easier not to care what people who aren’t close to you think.

6. Be okay with mistakes

Don’t be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake. Be okay with the fact that you aren’t always going to do everything perfectly.

It’s funny how we can appreciate all the positive comments we get for who we are or how we perform, but when we get criticized for one mistake, we obsess over it.

If we learn to look at mistakes as what help us learn and become better, we won’t care so much when people point them out.

Instead, we’ll be grateful to them doing that, and do better next time.

7. Seek help

In some cases, people may have psychological problems that cause them to have obsessive thoughts that may make it harder for them to not care what other people think.

If that’s you, you can seek the help of a counselor to give you insight in how you can improve your thinking.

Final thoughts on not caring

Learning to be confident in what you think of yourself and less affected by what others think of you doesn’t happen overnight.

Do things that make you feel good about yourself. Remind yourself how much worth you have. Be okay with not being perfect.

In time, you’ll become a self-assured person that’s comfortable in their own skin, and less affected by the thoughts of others.

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