72 Tangled Trivia Questions and Answers

Dive into the magical world of Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, and the enchanting kingdom of Corona with our curated Tangled trivia questions! Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering this Disney gem, these 72 questions promise a delightful journey filled with fun facts, surprises, and cherished memories from the film. So, grab your frying pan (just kidding!) and get ready to test your knowledge on this animated masterpiece. Let’s see if you can untangle all the answers!

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1. Who is the main female protagonist in ‘Tangled’?

2. Who is the male character that helps Rapunzel escape the tower?

3. What is the real name of Flynn Rider?

4. Who is the main antagonist in the film?

5. Why does Mother Gothel keep Rapunzel in the tower?

6. What is the color of Rapunzel’s magic hair?

7. Which animal character acts as Rapunzel’s sidekick?

8. Who is the captain of the guard’s pet?

9. What is unique about Rapunzel’s hair, apart from its length?

10. How does Mother Gothel maintain her youth?

11. What is Rapunzel’s dream?

12. What is the kingdom’s name in ‘Tangled’?

13. What event is celebrated with floating lanterns in the kingdom?

14. Which song does Rapunzel sing to make her hair glow?

15. What is the pattern that frequently appears throughout the movie and represents the sun?

16. What happens to Rapunzel’s hair after it’s cut?

17. How does Flynn Rider describe his nose in his wanted posters?

18. What item does Flynn steal that sets the movie’s events into motion?

19. Who voices Rapunzel in the movie?

20. Who voices Flynn Rider?

21. What type of establishment does Rapunzel find herself in with a group of rugged individuals?

22. Which song is sung in The Snuggly Duckling?

23. How do the thugs in The Snuggly Duckling describe themselves?

24. What does Mother Gothel give Rapunzel on her 18th birthday?

25. What is Pascal’s primary color?

26. Which character does Flynn Rider initially distrust but eventually befriend?

27. What does Rapunzel hit Flynn with when they first meet?

28. What is Mother Gothel’s famous phrase to Rapunzel?

29. Who rescues Flynn from being captured midway in the movie?

30. Why doesn’t Rapunzel initially leave the tower?

31. How often does Rapunzel sing the healing song to Mother Gothel?

32. Which song does Rapunzel sing about her daily routines?

33. How does Mother Gothel always start her healing song?

34. What game does Rapunzel play with Pascal in the tower?

35. What do the lanterns symbolize for the King and Queen?

36. Who captures Flynn when he goes to meet the Stabbington Brothers?

37. How do Rapunzel and Flynn escape the flooded cave?

38. Why can’t Mother Gothel just cut Rapunzel’s hair and take it?

39. What do the thugs in The Snuggly Duckling help Rapunzel and Flynn avoid?

40. Which song is about Flynn Rider’s backstory?

41. How does Flynn show Rapunzel he loves her at the end?

42. What is the final fate of Mother Gothel?

43. Which two characters share a mutual dislike for each other but later become friends?

44. What does Rapunzel request from Flynn when they’re trapped in the cave?

45. Which character is known for being overly dramatic?

46. Who tries to betray Flynn for the reward money?

47. Who reunites Rapunzel with her real parents?

48. Where do Rapunzel and Flynn first watch the floating lanterns?

49. What causes Rapunzel’s hair to lose its magic?

50. Why does Flynn refuse the crown after stealing it?

51. What is Maximus’s primary duty?

52. What do the floating lanterns look like from afar?

53. Why does Rapunzel not recognize the kingdom’s crest?

54. Who tries to convince Rapunzel that Flynn doesn’t care about her?

55. Where does Flynn take Rapunzel after escaping from The Snuggly Duckling?

56. How does Flynn realize Rapunzel’s true identity?

57. What does Flynn say when he gives up thieving?

58. How many years was Rapunzel kept in the tower?

59. Where do Flynn and Rapunzel share their first kiss?

60. What does Flynn’s satchel contain?

61. Who warns Rapunzel that Flynn is not to be trusted?

62. Who ties up Flynn Rider inside the tower near the end?

63. What does Mother Gothel use to climb Rapunzel’s tower?

64. What do the villagers do when they recognize Rapunzel?

65. Who first realizes the connection between the lost princess and Rapunzel?

66. Where is the kingdom’s crest often displayed in Rapunzel’s tower?

67. What does Flynn do that angers Maximus the most?

68. Which song is about Rapunzel’s dream of leaving the tower?

69. Who confronts Flynn when he’s trying to make a deal with the Stabbington Brothers?

70. What color is Rapunzel’s dress?

71. Who is often seen munching on apples?

72. What does Flynn say every time he’s about to embark on an adventure?

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