35 Affirmations For Confidence

Affirmations are phrases that you think and repeat to help make what you want happen.

Confidence affirmations can put you in the mindset of embodying a high self-esteem.

Here are 35 you can write down and use in your life to feel the best about yourself.

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35 affirmations to feel the most confident you’ve ever been

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  1. I am confident.
  2. I have unique gifts to share with the world.
  3. My confidence increases daily.
  4. I make decisive decisions.
  5. I overcome the obstacles I face.
  6. My confidence is not affected by anyone.
  7. I feel more confident every day.
  8. I can be confident around everyone.
  9. My failures help me learn and grow.
  10. I live fearlessly.
  11. I have all the potential I need to succeed in life.
  12. My self-esteem is high.
  13. I’m comfortable in my own skin.
  14. I have a fearless mindset.
  15. Negative words from others do not bring me down.
  16. I choose to feel good about myself.
  17. I am worthy of the compliments I receive.
  18. My life is within my control.
  19. I’m a calm and assertive person.
  20. Being motivated is a normal thing for me.
  21. Being proactive is a normal thing for me.
  22. Change is something I accept as a part of life.
  23. I choose to have gratitude for my life.
  24. My hard work and effort make good things possible.
  25. I can change what I don’t like.
  26. I can accept what I can’t change.
  27. My confident attitude rubs off on others.
  28. I’m bold enough to try new things.
  29. I have complete trust in my abilities.
  30. My personality shines through in all social situations.
  31. I am a beautiful, brave, strong person.
  32. I have an abundant amount of self-confidence.
  33. My life can be the best it’s ever been.
  34. I can accomplish the goals and dreams I have.
  35. I can live a happy life.

Do these affirmations work? Yes!

It’s the daily story we tell ourselves through our thoughts and emotions that can influence our actions.

If you focus on thinking and feeling doubts about yourself like, “I’m not good enough”, it’ll likely be harder for you to feel confident.

But if you focus your mind and heart on believing in yourself saying things like, “I am enough”, you’ll likely act in a way that reflects that.

You have the power to influence your actions in a way that exhibits the best version of yourself you want to be.

These words of encouragement can work for you if you focus on them and believe them.

Self-affirmation study

A study found that self-affirmations can calm our nerves and as a result make us better able to perform in life.

Saying positive words to yourself is a real scientific tool you can use to build yourself up to be the best you can be.

Take time to repeat these affirming words in your mind every day. Use them in the moments when you’re feeling most doubtful or insecure.

It’ll help improve your confidence enough to accomplish the goals you have and create the kind of life you’ve always desired.

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Final thoughts

If you’ve never tried consistently using self-affirming words to boost yourself, give it a try.

Use them every single day and see how it positively impacts your life. You have nothing to lose if they don’t work.

Remember to visualize yourself being confident, and also visualize yourself doing things that will help you be more confident.

Discover how powerful your thoughts truly are.

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Inspirational video on confidence

If you take in ideas more through listening rather than reading, you can listen to this video of affirmations to build your confidence.

It’s similar to a guided meditation I’ve listened to often to help reduce my anxiety. You can listen to this video everyday and repeat the affirmations to yourself.

Inspirational articles on confidence

If you’re interested in reading more material to help make you confident, these articles will give you great insights to feel good about yourself.

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