21 Money Affirmations That Can Work Fast For Financial Abundance

As discussed in a previous article on affirmations, words can influence our actions, and those actions can influence our life.

The same is the case with our finances. If you speak and believe you’ll always work a 9 to 5 and never move up financially, that’ll probably end up being true.

But if you believe that your financial opportunities are abundant and you can make as much as you desire, then that’ll probably be true.

Speaking or writing a desire you want to achieve consistently keeps the idea of making it happen in your mind.

As I’ve noted numerous times in a study about luck, those who believed they were lucky were more likely to succeed at a task than those who didn’t.

Similarly, those of us who believe we can make the money we desire and have the financial independence we hope for will be more likely to have it.

Because your words can either push you towards more action or less action. And if you’re pushing yourself towards more actions, you’re giving yourself more chance to make your financial goals happen.

Here are some financial affirmations that can motivate you and help you make your financial dreams come true.

Money affirmations


1. I can make more money than I’ve ever made before.

2. My life is filled with financial opportunities I can take advantage of.

3. I will become completely debt-free.

4. I can pay for my dream home one day

5. My yearly salary can become six figures.

6. I will earn enough to buy a new car.

7. Making money can be an easy thing for me.

8. I can achieve my financial dreams.

9. I can accomplish my money goals.

10. My finances are abundant

11. Unexpected money can come for me.

12. I will develop multiple sources of income.

13. I can be wealthy.

14. My money is a tool to build my financial prosperity.

15. I’ll always have enough money.

16. My money grows with each day.

17. I earn enough to be generous with my money.

18. I’m grateful for the amount of money I have.

19. My financial resources are unlimited.

20. I am worthy of more money.

21. I will no longer need to borrow money.

My financial affirmation story

Over the years I’ve had a financial affirmation I would write or repeat to myself most days of the week.

It was basically, “I will make enough money to be financially independent.” A few years had past from the time I’d been focusing on that affirmation with not much changing.

But it was within the last few years that I went from earning not much to making more in a year than I’d ever made before.

While of course it took actions such as aggressively searching for work opportunities, I do think it helped that I was in a mindset of wanting to make more money.

It encouraged and motivated me to put more effort into looking for opportunities to increase my income.

The same can be the case for you if you put your focus towards that as well.

Do financial affirmations work?

As expressed earlier, financial affirmations will only work if you combine that mental focus with physical action.

Here are a few things you should do while you’re declaring these affirmations daily.

If you do these actions along with consistently thinking affirming words, you’ll give yourself a much higher chance of success with your finances.

Final thoughts on money

Money is something we all desire in order to live a comfortable lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that our finances become a constant source of stress and anxiety for us.

But just know that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get to a point in your life where money is no longer a worry of yours and you have all the finances you need to live peacefully.

Believe in yourself that you can earn enough to be financially independent and take car of those that you love. Continue to work everyday to become better and more able to make what you desire.

Don’t give up hope that your financial circumstances can change for the better.

There’ve been many people in history who didn’t have a lot to start out with but eventually made more than they could ever imagined.

Here are a few quick rags to riches examples:

  • Halle Berry used to sleep in homeless shelters before she became one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood.
  • Ed Sheeran used to sleep in subway stations before getting signed to a record deal and eventually releasing multiple number one albums
  • Dolly Parton grew up in a poor rural family before becoming one of the most successful musical artists of all time.

Why can’t you have your own rags to riches story? The answer is you can. Think it, believe it, and go make it happen.

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