How Minimalism Saves You Money (9 Tips)

How does minimalism save you money? Well that answer is obvious.

You’re spending less in your budget, therefore you’re saving more. That’s not earth shattering news to you I’m sure.

But there are deeper secrets to how minimalism causes us to save more.

And it goes beyond just choosing to spend less, doing a no-spend challenge, or buying only what you need. It’s choosing to live with more purpose. Choosing to be more purposeful.

Making your life mean more. Let me let you in on 8 secrets to how minimalism saves you money.

1. Shopping quality leads you to less quantity

When you’re shopping things that are meaningful, you spend less on things that aren’t. You choose to be intentional with the items and experiences you purchase. You’ll choose to buy items that last longer and make you happier, decreasing the need to buy anything else.

2. Feeling well increases your wealth

One of the benefits of minimalism according to the “The Minimalists” is being able to focus more on physical and mental well-being. And when you focus on your wellness, that saves you a lot of money.

If you live in the States, you know how much the cost of care has been on the rise. The less you have to see a doctor, the more your wallet gets to stay fat. Feeling well is a part of a pursuit of more meaning.

That leads you to do things like not eating out as much. Cooking your food more.

Doing more exercising and less sitting in front of your devices. All of that adds up to feeling great, having less doctor visits, and having more money.

3. Less things, more experiences

Another secret to how minimalism helps you save is your shift in priorities. You’re no longer focused on getting the next great product.

You’re not looking out for that ridiculously overpriced I-phone or Apple watch. Or searching for the latest new shoes, new pants, or new dress.

Instead you’re focused on having experiences in life. And experiences are often much cheaper than things, but yet still more valuable.

The choice to spend time at home with family instead of going shopping. Taking a walk in the park instead of going to the movies.

You not only save more money, you create more memories that stay with you for the rest of your life. Not a bad win-win there.

4. Freedom avoids being in debt

A major focus of minimalism is just having more freedom in life. You know what doesn’t equal freedom, debt. Because you’re trapped in more than just the cycle of bills and payments.

You’re locked in a struggle with stress and anxiety. As “The Minimalists” put it, minimalism is about having freedom from fear, worry, and overwhelm.

So as you choose to be in pursuit of that freedom, it follows that path will lead you to choices in getting out of debt. Saving what you can, investing in reusables, digitizing movies and books, paying off this credit cards, and getting rid of that debt once in for all. Opening yourself up to an inner-peace you maybe haven’t had in a long time.

5. Purpose leaves less time for purchase

Let’s face it. We spend money for no good reason sometimes. One of them being just because we’re bored and having nothing else to do.

But another way how minimalism gives you more savings is through living your purpose. When you’re focused more on a purpose you’ve found for yourself, you have less time to be bored.

Less time for meaningless purchases. Everything you use your money for is in support of your goals and your dreams.

6. Relationships remind us we don’t need much to be happy

We all fall for this myth that more stuff will make us happy. But even with having all the stuff around us, we realize really long for more relationships.

And not more in quantity, but more in quality. Quality time spent with your loved ones. Your dad, your mom, your sister or brother, your spouse or significant other.

It’s those happy moments with our loved ones, where we realize those relationships make us happier. And in choosing to use our time on people more, we spend less of our of time focused on buying things. And thus we save more money.

7. Simplifying

Simplifying is a great example of how minimalism helps you save. When you make your life simpler, you do a few things.

You give yourself more time to do things, some of which can include more opportunities to make money. For example, let’s say you simplify your schedule in a way that gives you more time in your creative passions.

The more time you spend on it, you start getting really good with it. Perhaps good enough to turn it into a good side hustle, or something that becomes a full-time.

In addition to that, you lessen other things that cost you money. Perhaps your wardrobe gets smaller. Maybe you prep your meals more, saving you money you’d spend buying lunch.

8. More contentment = More saving

Practicing minimalism can help you feel more content. It follows usually that when you’re more content you tend to need and want less. You don’t go thinking about the next thing you can buy to make you happy.

You realized you have all the things you really need to be happy. Most minimalists discover the stuff they thought would make them happy didn’t really do it at all.

Instead they realized that happiness comes from within. Feeling good about who we are, what we’re doing in life and the people we spend time with. That’s what true happiness is.

9. Personal growth gives you perspective

Perhaps the number one reason how a minimalist saves more is personal growth gives you perspective. What kind of growth is personal growth?

It’s learning to be more grateful for what you have. More giving in your nature. Less desirous in your heart.

More self-control in your choices. All of that contributes to you not buying as much.

Not wasting your money so frequently. And saving for the the things you value more in life.


I hope you’re encouraged to try the lifestyle if you haven’t. Minimalism will do more for you than just save money. It will help you be happier and more peaceful about the life your living.

How minimalism saves money

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