300 Things to Be Grateful For (2023) – Complete Gratitude List

This list of things to be grateful for in 2023 will help leave no doubt that you have a lot to appreciate in life. Often we have more to give thanks for than we realize.

In hard times such as the last couple of years, some may not want to think of things to be grateful for. But doing so can benefit us in a number of ways.

Gratitude list

Benefits of thinking of things to be grateful for

Research has proven that making a gratitude list can be good for us. Here are a few studies that might make you not question that anymore.

  • Greater Good Magazine published an article that showed gratitude changes you and your brain. They found people who wrote gratitude letters once a week for three weeks had better mental well-being 1 to 3 months after finishing the exercise.
  • Positive psychology provides an amazing amount of gratitude research. Among the benefits include improved sleep, increased energy levels, and longer life.
  • A University of New South Wales study found that when you thank an acquaintance for their help, they’re more likely to want an ongoing relationship. The idea is that by saying thanks, it indicates you’re someone that they could form a high-quality relationship with.
  • University of Georgia researchers found that married couples who felt appreciated and valued by their spouses influenced how they felt about their marriage. The author of the study suggests that couples experiencing distress in their relationship should practice gratitude to promote a positive marital outcome.

There’s much more information out there on how gratitude can be good for you. Feel free to read more research related to gratitude. You can be inspired to start putting together your gratitude list.

When you first start thinking of things to be grateful for, you might struggle to come up with much if life is hard right now. It’s my hope you can find at least a few examples in this 300-item gratitude list that can help you feel better. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving or you’re just reflecting on what to feel good for, here’s a list of 300 different things to be grateful for.

300 things to be grateful for (2023)

Personal things to be grateful for

1. Family. Whether they’re your blood relatives or the friends you consider family, they’re worth expressing gratitude for. Remind your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles, or cousins how appreciative you are of them.

2. Home. The place you can always go when there’s nowhere else to go. It’s a comforting feeling to have our own apartment or house. Not everyone gets that luxury, so this should be near the top of your things to be grateful for.

3. Relationship. Having that one person who shares the same romantic feelings you do is a beautiful thing. Think of things to thank your spouse or partner for.

4. Friends. These are the people that pick you up on the bad days and celebrate with you on the good days.

5. Your wellness. We all have problems with our bodies. But be glad for all the parts that are still working well with your body and mind. That’s one of the best things to be grateful for.

6. Pets. Having a dog was one of the greatest joys of my life. If you have a dog, a cat, or some other pet, feel good that you can spend time with them anytime you want.

7. Sight. I know there are a lot of people in this world who are blind. Even if you are, there are still other things you can be glad for.

Those of you who aren’t blind, even if you have to wear glasses or contacts, you can be grateful that you can see.

Even if everything you see in the world isn’t as pleasant sometimes, still be grateful for the pleasant things you can see, like the nice green colors of nature outside.

8. Hearing. Similar to sight, many people in this world are deaf. They’ll never be able to enjoy the sounds of music or hear the voice of someone they care about. Be grateful that you can listen to relaxing music when you feel stressed.

9. Touch. A soft touch from someone we care about can be a very comforting feeling.

10. Smell. As small as this may seem, I’ve heard of people who’ve lost their sense of smell, and it completely changed their life. Have gratitude for still having your sense of smell.

11. Taste. When one loses their sense of taste, they lose their ability to enjoy all the flavors of food. We can be grateful for still being able to enjoy the taste of fruits, vegetables, and all of the foods we enjoy in the world.

12. Safety. Some people, unfortunately, have to live in neighborhoods and areas with crime issues. If you live in a safe community, that’s something you can be really glad for.

13. Personality. You are who you are. There may be things about yourself you don’t like, but there are also things that you can appreciate.

Whether it’s your intelligence or your kindness, find those things about yourself that make you thankful.

14. Childhood. Obviously, not all of us had the best childhoods. I’d say mine was pretty decent for the most part.

However your childhood was, find one or two memories that make you feel nostalgic and grateful.

15. Knowledge. We have more access to knowledge than ever before. We can be thankful to be able to learn things that improve our understanding of the world and make us better people.

16. Future. If the future is looking bleak, you might be thinking, why be grateful for it? The reason we can be grateful for it is that there’s always a possibility it can get better.

I’ve lived long enough to see it in my own life and other people’s lives.

17. Experiencing romantic love. Unfortunately, there are people who live long lives without having that experience of romantic love.

We may not know how we got lucky to enjoy it, but we can be grateful we have.

18. Soft bed. After a long day of making it through to another day, be glad that you have a nice soft bed to lie in and get some good sleep.

19. Waking up. – As we all know, some people don’t wake up to see another day. Be grateful that you did and those that you care about did as well.

20. Making it to the end of the day. – One of the things I always reminded myself during difficult days was to just make it to the end of the day. I was and still am grateful whenever I can do that.  

21. Productivity. – We all can be lazy sometimes. It’s great when we have days where we get most if not all the things we wanted to accomplish done. If you accomplished that, you can add it to your thankful list for today.

22. Growth and perspective. I learned a lot in my 20s, and I’m still learning a lot in this next stage of my life.

No matter what age, we can be thankful for growth and perspective that helps us to be calmer about the world we live in.

23. Travels. Traveling has many benefits to our health. We can not only be grateful for what it does for us now, but for the memories it gives us to enjoy looking back on.

24. Creativity. Whether you can sing, write, draw, or dance, our creative passions give us an escape in life we can be thankful for.

25. Kindness. It may seem like there are meaner people in this world today, but there are still people that are kind. Be grateful for the kindness you receive and the acts of kindness that still happen every day.

26. Open-mindedness. It can be a frustrating thing in society when people aren’t more open to different ideas and viewpoints.

Be grateful when you come across people who are open-minded and willing to change their minds.

27. Freedoms. Some people live under dictatorships that limit their choices. It’s a wonderful thing to live in a place where you have some freedom to live and act the way you want. (Related: 4 Things to Appreciate in America)

28. Education. Our schools helped us to know what we need to know to make it in this world.

Special things to be grateful for

29. Long weekends. I look back with fond memories of the weekends I knew I’d be getting an extra day off from school on Monday. You may have also enjoyed the day off from work you got too.

30. Alone time. We can be constantly surrounded by people sometimes. It’s nice to be able to get time alone to relax or reflect.

31. Deep conversation. It’s nice to get into a conversation when someone makes you think deeper about things.

32. Anger. This emotion can help direct our attention and other people’s attention to what bothers us.

33. Sadness. While sadness isn’t fun, it can help us to think more about what can really make us happy in life.

34. Life challenges. Our challenges help us to grow. They make us stronger and better able to live our lives.

35. Seasons. It’s beautiful to see the colorful leaves come down in Autumn. It’s also nice to see green leaves growing in the Spring. There are many wonderful visuals we get from the different seasons.

36. Inspirational people. Some people in this world have an amazing ability to say things that are inspiring. There are also those in this world who overcome impossible challenges that inspire us all.

37. Graduations. Whether it’s your own or someone else’s, it’s quite a celebration to see someone finally reach the end of one of their educational journeys.

38. Weddings. It’s amazing to see two people celebrate their love with their friends and family. It’s a moment we can all be glad to witness.

39. Funerals. While not the happiest event to go to, funerals help remind us that life is short. We’re also able to celebrate the lives of those that are gone.

Health things to be grateful for

Woman liftng weight

40. Medicine. We’re lucky in this time that many ailments can be healed by the medicine we have.

41. Hands and arms We’re able to grab things, carry things, write things, and reach for things with our hands and arms. That’s a lot to appreciate

42. Back. Some people live with terrible back pain that limits their mobility. We can be glad our back is pain-free and also helps us to lift and carry things.

43. Walking. Being able to get around is more of a blessing than we realize sometimes. There are people who have to use canes, crutches, and wheelchairs to move around. Be grateful for being able to walk on your own two feet with relatively little pain.  

44. Lungs. If we don’t have any lung issues or have to use any machines for breathing in oxygen, that’s something to be really grateful for.

45. Finger movement. I have to type a lot to make these articles on here. I’m grateful that I have finger movement that’s free of any arthritis. Whatever you use your fingers for, be grateful you can still use them.

46. Teeth. Be grateful if you’ve not lost any of your teeth and they’re not in any pain.

47. Neck movement. As someone who deals with neck pain from time to time, even I’m grateful that I can still move my neck from one side to the other. If you can as well, you can write that on your list.

48. Memory. As we get older, our memories may not be as good as they are now. Be grateful you can still remember the things that you want in your day.

49. Heart. There are people currently waiting for heart transplants in the hospital right now. We can be grateful that we have a working heart that still beats normally.

50. Bladder. Leaky bladders are an inconvenience that we can be grateful we don’t have to deal with.

51. Stomach. As someone who’s had stomach challenges, it’s something to be happy about when your stomach isn’t in pain. Burning inside of it is definitely no fun.

I’m grateful for when my stomach doesn’t experience that and that I’ve been able to improve it little by little.

52. Bones. I once saw a commercial with a little kid who was born with brittle bone disease. He’d broken his bones hundreds of times.

There was also an inspirational speaker who had this disability but managed to live an extraordinary life.

It goes to show that not only we can be grateful for having healthy and strong bones, but we can be inspired to do more with the abilities that we’re lucky to have.

53. Health insurance. I know not everyone reading this has health insurance. For those of you that do, be grateful your insurance helps to reduce your medical bills.

54. Meditation. There are many simple activities in life that can help improve our overall health. I’m grateful for meditation being one of those things that’s easy to do and helps us feel better.

55. Exercise. It may not be the most fun thing to do for some of you, but be grateful if you’re physically able to exercise and help keep yourself healthy.

56. Therapy. Mental health is just as important as physical health. We can be thankful that there are mental health professionals available to help us cope with the stress of the times.

57. Sickness. Yes, we can even be grateful for sickness. Going through it in a way makes us more appreciative when our health is good.

Financial gratitude

Hands holding dollar

58. Having money. While we may not have much in our wallet or our bank account, we can always be grateful we have some money to buy some things. There are a lot of people that don’t have any at all.

59. Earning money. You’ve probably seen how many people have had their jobs lost recently. If you’re still able to earn money for yourself, that’s a lot to be glad for.

60. Little (or no) debt. It’d, of course, be nice not to have debt at all, but some people have thousands of dollars in debt. If you’re one of the few who has low debt, it’s worth being grateful for.

61. Paid bills. Sometimes people reach a point where they can’t pay their bills for the month, and their whole world is about to fall apart. It’s a blessing you can count on if you can still pay your bills.

62. Money to donate. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to donate your money to a worthy cause.

63. Savings. Whether you’re saving for a home or for retirement, it’s great to have finances in your bank to use for something special someday.

64. Investments. Knowing your money is growing over time can provide some good peace of mind.

Environmental gratitude

Green mountain

65. Earth. No other nearby planet in our solar system could allow us to live comfortably quite as Earth does.

66. Clean water. Hearing about the water crisis in Flint a few years ago reminded me how lucky we are the water we drink is clean.

67. Clean air. China is one of the most heavily polluted areas in the world, with many people that end up developing respiratory issues. If you live in an area where the air around you is clean, it’s another thing to be happy about.

68. Trees. Studies have proven being in nature is good for our overall well-being. Be grateful if you have lots of trees around where you live.

69. Sunshine. In some places, it rains most of the time. Even if you live in a place like that, you can be very grateful for the few times the sun actually comes out.

Random gratitude

70. Exciting sports game. It can be an exciting sports game or some other kind of live event.

While there haven’t been many of them lately, we can look back at some of the ones we enjoyed most and be grateful to enjoy them all over again.

71. Inspiring speeches. I sometimes like looking back at old speeches in history. They can be uplifting in times of uncertainty.

We can be grateful for all the people who had the courage and confidence to give inspiring speeches.

72. The moment work is finished. It’s always a great feeling when you finish your work for the day. Be grateful when you reach that point in your day.

73. A slice of pizza. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. Whatever yours is, it’s something you can be thankful for when you’re enjoying it.

74. Making someone laugh. When you make someone laugh, you make them feel good for a moment in their day. When we make people feel good, we make ourselves feel good too. Be glad when you can do that.

75. The quiet of the nighttime. Some neighborhoods aren’t as quiet as others, but when your neighborhood is quiet, stop for a moment and appreciate the peace of the silence.

Spiritual gratitude

Woman praying in church

76. Faith. It’s an inspiring force in our lives for those who are faith-minded. If you are, have gratitude for faith’s influence and inspiration in your life.

77. Spiritual community. Connecting with a group of people who believe the same things as you can be comforting and make you happy. Be thankful for when you enjoy these times with your faith group.

78. Spiritual growth. Living a life of faith is a journey. Be glad for how far you’ve grown in your spirituality.

79. Prayer. I personally find prayer to be comforting, even if I’m not always sure it makes a difference in my life.

It’s a nice feeling to believe you can ask for good things, and good things may eventually happen. You can have gratitude for being able to pray.

80. Religious text. The words of a religious text can also be comforting. We can be thankful whenever we read something that comforts and inspires us in these difficult times.

81. Choirs. It’s beautiful to hear people singing together in worship.

82. God. For those who believe in God, you already know you have a whole lot to thank Him for.

Food gratitude

83. Fruits. Fruits are not only really tasty, but they provide a lot of benefits to our overall body function.

84. Vegetables. Vegetables give us many of the things we need to live well.

85. Nuts. One of the best good snacks to eat.

86. Grains. Rice is one of the most popular grains in the world. Some of you might really enjoy oatmeal like me.

87. Ice cream. This dessert is a wonderful treat we can appreciate on special occasions.

88. Your favorite dessert. My favorite desserts are brownies and cookies. I’m always glad to enjoy those. Be glad to enjoy your favorite dessert

89. Your favorite meal. My favorite meal is a tie between lasagna and pizza. Be glad you can enjoy your favorite meal when you can.

90. Spices. I always appreciate the way my wife can make something taste really good with spices.

91. Finding a new favorite food. It’s a rare thing to discover a new food you like. Be happy when you do.

92. Having enough to eat. Hunger is a major problem around the world. It’s a blessing to be able to eat until we’re full.

Relationship gratitude

93. Being able to trust someone. You may have had a tough time trusting people throughout your life. Be glad if you now have someone you can completely trust.

94. Waking up to the person you love. It can be one of the best feelings to wake up next to the person you love.

95. Your partner is doing something nice for you. It’s still a pleasant surprise to me whenever my partner does something nice for me.

96. Date night. You can cherish the moments you get to go out with your partner and have a good time.

97. Gifts from your partner. Be grateful when your partner goes out of their way to spend money on something for you

98. Encouragement. Our partner in life can give us some of the best encouragement we need to do things in life

99. Support. It’s nice to just always have that one person who’s there to support you throughout life.

100. Kisses. Kissing is one of the most special touches to cherish in a relationship

101. Hugs. Holding someone in your arms is a beautiful moment to appreciate.

102. Holding hands. A special moment of connection that can make us glad.

103. Showers or bubble baths together. These private moments of intimacy are worth appreciating.

104. Making love. Be glad for all the times you get to be this close to your partner.

Work gratitude

105. Kind coworkers. Working somewhere where everybody is nice is quite a luxury.

106. Kind boss. Bosses can be tough sometimes. It’s good to find one that’s actually kind to you.

107. Your job. It pays the bills, and maybe you do actually enjoy where you work.

108. Working from home. It’s quite a luxury to appreciate being able to work from home.

109. Positive work feedback. Getting a good word from your boss can motivate you to work even harder and believe in yourself.

110. Promotions. To be able to move the ladder in your career is something worth celebrating.

Inventions to be glad for

111. Cars. They give us the freedom to go long distances, see places, and get what we need.

112. Planes. Planes are able to take us all over the world.

113. Televisions. We see our favorite shows and learn about the world around us.

114. Cell phones. They keep us connected with people while we’re on the move.

115. Internet. There’s a world of information available to us because of the internet.

116. Computers. Computers have made the world a lot smaller.

117. Bikes. A great exercise activity.

118. Microwaves. It’s great that food doesn’t have to take longer to heat up.

119. Stoves. We’re able to cook a variety of dinner ideas with stoves.

120. Ovens. We can enjoy baking and cooking so many things with ovens.

121. Couches. One of the most comfortable furniture pieces in existence.

122. Beds. The invention of the bed keeps us from no longer needing to sleep on the ground.

123. Refrigerators. We can enjoy our food for many days.

124. Freezer. We can keep our food stored away for months, thankfully, because of the freezer.

125. Washer. Thanks to the washer, clothes take less time to clean than they did in the past.

126. Dryer. I’m glad dryers keep us from having to hang our clothes all day to get them dry.

127. Shoes. Thankfully, shoes keep us from hurting our feet.

128. Toilets. Toilets have made going to the bathroom a lot more sanitary.

129. Warm showers. We can be glad that warm showers can give us a comfortable way to clean ourselves.

130. Faucets. Water in an instant is a special thing. Some people have to walk many miles to get fresh water.

131. Credit cards. An easier way to buy things.

132. Cameras. We can capture all of our memories on tape.

133. Light bulbs. Be glad you don’t have to light a lantern every night.

134. Paper. Thanks to paper, we have something to write down all kinds of messages and notes.

135. Wi-Fi. Being able to access the internet in wi-fi hotspots saves us all a lot of time.

Occupations to appreciate

136. Teachers. We should be grateful for teachers because they are the architects of future generations. Their dedication and commitment to imparting knowledge and values shape young minds, fostering critical thinking, creativity, and a love for learning. Teachers often go beyond academic instruction, offering emotional support and guidance, helping students navigate life’s challenges.

137. Firefighters. We should be grateful for firefighters for their unwavering courage and selflessness in protecting our communities. These brave individuals routinely put themselves in harm’s way to save lives and property, often under extreme and dangerous conditions.

138. Doctors. With extensive knowledge and a commitment to patient care, doctors diagnose and treat illnesses, often making life-saving decisions under pressure.

139. Nurses. Nurses work tirelessly, often in challenging conditions, to ensure the wellbeing of their patients. Their role is crucial in the healthcare system, bridging the gap between doctors and patients, and making a profound difference in countless lives.

140. Garbage workers. They tirelessly manage the immense task of collecting and disposing of society’s waste, often under challenging and unacknowledged conditions. Without their diligent work, our communities would face significant health hazards and environmental issues.

141. Inventors. Their creativity, curiosity, and perseverance lead to innovations that solve complex problems, improve our quality of life, and open new frontiers in science and technology.

142. Cooks. Beyond mere sustenance, their creations bring people together, fostering community and celebrating culture.

143. Scientists. Through rigorous research and experimentation, scientists unravel the mysteries of the natural world, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and innovations. Their work is foundational in advancing medicine, technology, environmental conservation, and numerous other fields that directly impact our daily lives and the future of our planet.

144. Pilots. Their expertise ensures the safe and efficient transport of passengers and cargo, overcoming complex meteorological and technical challenges.

145. Entrepreneurs. These individuals take risks to turn ideas into reality, creating businesses that often bring new products, services, and technologies to the market.

146. Counselors. These professionals provide a safe, empathetic space for individuals to explore and address personal challenges, mental health issues, and life transitions. Counselors play a vital role in supporting mental and emotional well-being.

147. Ministers. They offer moral and ethical direction, comfort in times of distress, and support during significant life events. Ministers often serve as counselors, educators, and community organizers, advocating for social justice and providing aid to those in need.

148. Entertainers. Through various forms of art such as music, acting, comedy, and dance, entertainers provide a much-needed escape from the everyday, offering both comfort and inspiration.

149. Web designers. They combine creativity with technical skills to create websites that are not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and accessible.

150. Artists. Artists provoke thought, evoke emotions, and inspire creativity, enriching our cultural and emotional lives. Their work often reflects and comments on society, challenging perceptions and encouraging new ways of thinking.

151. Editors

152. Anesthesiologists

153. Mechanics

154. Cleaning servants

155. Servers

156. Crime scene cleaners

157. Farmers

158. Officers

159. Political leaders

160. Truck drivers

161. Builders

162. HVAC workers

163. Writers

164. Camera workers

165. Sound workers

166. Lawyers

167. Tech people

168. Factory workers

169. Activists

170. Comedians

171. EMTs

172. Roofers

173. Retail workers

174. Grocery clerks

175. Singers

176. Songwriters

177. Veterinarians

178. Accountants

179. Athletes

180. Engineers

181. Customer service workers

182. Road workers

183. Military personnel

Animals to appreciate

184. Bees. Be happy that bees keep our food crops pollinated, which helps the crops to grow the food we eat.

185. Beavers. The building that beavers do helps to prevent flooding.

186. Squirrels. The nut stashes that squirrels forget sometimes help new trees grow.

187. Elephants. Elephants can dig water holes which allow other animals to get water to drink.

188. Birds. Birds are critical to the soil fertilization and pest control of our planet.

189. Dogs. Described as man’s best friend, we can be glad that dogs are faithful companions.

190. Cats. All cat lovers definitely appreciate these creatures.

Wardrobe to be glad for

191. Sweaters. They keep us warm in the winter

192. T-shirts. One of the simplest wardrobe choices to make.

193. Dress. For ladies, I’m sure they appreciate how pretty dresses make them look

194. Skirts. Similar to dresses, most ladies appreciate how nice skirts can feel on them.

195. Suits. A nicely tailored suit can also feel good to wear.

196. Socks. Another helpful item to keep our feet warm in the winter

197. Hats. Be glad when a hat can keep your head cool in the summer

198. Undergarments. Both men and women can appreciate comfortable undergarments.

Other things to be glad about

199. Having a porch or deck. It’s nice to enjoy the great view from a porch or deck.

200. Candles. Appreciate the pleasant scents of candles.

201. Windows. Be glad about having a window to see nature or other beautiful things outside.

202. Full moon. An amazing sight when they happen.

203. Time. Appreciate that you still have time to do things in life.

204. GPS. Many of us would probably be getting lost without them.

205. Technology. We’re more able to connect with people and get information than ever before.

206. Heating and cooling. The weather can be very harsh in some places in the world. Some live without access to heating and cooling to make their home comfortable. If you have that access, add that to your list.

207. Your own room. Lots of people don’t have the luxury of sleeping and being in their own room. Be glad if you have an area where you can be alone and completely yourself.

208. Shower. That moment that warm water hits your skin, have gratitude for the comfort of a working shower.

209. Clean floors. You can clean your floors and be happy to be able to comfortably walk barefoot in your home.

210. Happy moments. Even if the happy moments are few and far between, have thankfulness for when they do come. Cherish the happy moments.

211. Crying. A study on crying shows that it can make us feel good and reduce the pain we feel. Hopefully, you won’t be sad for long, but you can appreciate your tears help improve your well-being.

212. Mistakes. No one wants to make mistakes in life, but they’re one of the few ways we learn lessons in life. Be glad that your mistakes help you to grow into the better person you’re becoming each day.

213. Accomplishments. There are things you’ve done in life that you’re proud of. You can have thankfulness for those moments you achieved something great.

214. Hobbies. Everybody has something in life they enjoy doing. You can do those activities you enjoy and be thankful you get to enjoy them.

215. Favorite movies and TV shows. I like looking back at old TV shows or movies I really liked all the time. I’m grateful for the good feelings they still give me when I watch them again.

216. Thunderstorm at night. Sometimes thunderstorms can help us peacefully fall asleep at night. If it helps you, add this to your list.

217. Peacefulness. It’s great to have peace within and peace around us.

218. Social media. While social media rightly gets criticized for the harm it can cause to our mental health; we can be appreciative of the good it gives us in staying connected with people that aren’t near us.

219. Instrument. I haven’t played my guitar in a long time, but I’m thankful for still being able to do that. Perhaps you can grab that instrument you haven’t touched in a while and have gratitude for still being able to play it.

220. Books. While I’m not much of a book reader, I know many people are. Be happy with the books that you can enjoy reading right now.

221. Pest-free home. Believe it or not, some people live in apartments with rats, roaches, and large spiders. If you don’t, that can be added to your list.

222. Things that are still the same. We so often get frustrated with everything that goes wrong; we forget how much continues to go right for us every single day.

The bus still shows up to take us to work, our phones and computers still work, etc. Think of the good things that keep working the same every day and add them to your daily thankful list.

223. Things that change. Even when things change in life, we can be glad for that too. Changes can bring about new experiences and new opportunities that can potentially make our lives better.

224. Heartbreak. While heartbreak is never really pleasant, we can appreciate it’s making us stronger than we were before.

Little things to appreciate

225. Chairs. We really don’t think about how much of an inconvenience it can be to not have chairs in our home. We can be glad that we don’t have to sit on the floors.

226. Tables. Similarly, with chairs, not having tables can be an inconvenience as well. Be thankful you have something to set things on when you need to.

227. Plates. We can be thankful we don’t have to hold all of our food in our hands.

228. Utensils. We can be thankful we don’t have to eat all of our food with our hands.

229. Naps. Appreciate the naps that you get to enjoy in the middle of the day.

230. Sleeping in. There are many people that have to wake up early for their specific jobs. I’m grateful that I don’t have to for mine, and you can be as well if that’s true for you.

231. You had breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, some people can only have one meal a day. We can all be glad if we’re lucky enough to get to enjoy three or more a day.

232. Making progress. Even if the progress you’re making is tiny, you can appreciate it getting you closer to where you want to be in life.

233. Indoor plumbing. In some places, people have to go outside to use the bathroom. Being able to use the bathroom in the comfort of our home is another luxury we can be appreciative of.

234. The past. We can be glad for our past helping us to become the best of ourselves that we are today.

235. Mondays. A lot of people tend to not like the start of the workweek. Nonetheless, Mondays are something we can be thankful about because it’s another chance to put in work for the future we want someday.

236. Getting through Wednesdays. It’s nice to get past the middle of the week and be close to the weekend.

237. Alarms. I used to be able to wake up early easily. I’m grateful that we have alarms that help us wake up at the time we need to.

238. Right choices. When you make the right choices in life, you’re able to feel proud of yourself.

More things to appreciate

239. Honesty. It’s nice when people actually tell you the truth.

240. Being alive in this moment of time. With all the technology, it’s one of the best times to be alive.

241. History. There’s so much for us to learn from history.

242. New discoveries. As time moves on, we discover new things that make all of our lives easier.

243. Aha moments. Always appreciate those moments where something makes sense to you on a deep level.

244. Bringing a smile to someone’s face. Making someone smile is a great feeling.

245. Texting. Our communication is able to be quick and easy.

246. Video chatting. Who would have guessed that 20 years ago, we’d be able to video chat each other from all over the world?

247. A sense of humor. Life is very serious, so it’s nice to have a sense of humor to make light of our reality.

248. Your talents. Everyone has some kind of talent. Appreciate your talents.

249. Your family background. Learn about your family history and appreciate the journey of your family story.

250. Being accepted. It feels good when people like you just the way you are.

251. Your favorite song. You probably know how amazing it is when your favorite song starts playing.

252. Compliments. Giving and receiving compliments are things to be glad about.

253. Pleasant interaction with strangers. It’s nice when a stranger is willing to talk and be friendly with us.

254. Hair. It’s great to still have a full head of hair.

255. Folders. All of our papers would probably be very disorganized without them.

256. Computer memory. I’m glad about all the photos, videos and other files I can keep on my computer.

257. Christmas. It’s one of the most pleasant times of the year.

258. Thanksgiving. Even if you don’t like getting together with your family, the food is great.

259. Fourth of July. If you’re American, it’s a great tradition to witness the fireworks show on this day.

260. Diversity. There are so many different backgrounds of people around the world. Diversity makes the world a better place.

261. Failure. Failures give us lessons that help us to eventually succeed.

262. Thoughts. Our thoughts can help shape our reality positively.

263. Lost opportunities. When opportunities are lost, it’s always possible it could be a blessing in disguise.

264. Wise words. Be glad for the times you words that are profound and inspire you.

265. Life. Despite all the good and the bad that can come with it, life is worth appreciating.

266. Feeling relaxed. There are many moments in life when we feel stressed or anxious. That moment when you feel relaxed is one you should cherish and have gratitude for.

267. Screws.

268. Pencils.

269. Journals.

270. Toothpaste.

271. Soap.

272. Lotion.

273. Shampoo.

274. Toilet paper.

275. Paper towels.

276. Nails.

277. Shovels

278. Hammers.

279. Batteries.

280. Seat belts.

281. Bowls.

282. Toothbrushes.

283. Paintbrushes.

284. Flashlight.

285. Envelope.

286. Pinecone.

287. Gloves.

288. Nightstands.

289. Keyboards.

290. Screens.

291. Cologne.

292. Perfume.

293. Thermometers.

294. Nail clippers.

295. Keys.

296. Radios.

297. Rugs.

298. Slippers.

299. Stop signs.

300. Rulers

Tips to be more grateful

1. Keep a gratitude journal

Write down what you’re glad for in a journal to establish a habit of gratitude in your life.

You can schedule a specific time in your day where you’ll grab your journal and write down your moments of thankfulness.

If you use a small journal, carry it around with you and write it in during the moments of your day you feel most frustrated.

2. Find gratitude in your challenges

A good way to make yourself feel better about the struggles you’re dealing with is to find a reason to be glad about them.

Think about a character trait that’s getting better as a result of what you’re going through.

It’s likely your challenges are making you mentally stronger and helping you to be more resilient.

3. Remember the hard times

The hard times can remind you how far you’ve come in life. You can think about what you’re glad to have overcome in your past.

You can appreciate the things that have been improved for you. Perhaps you can think of one thing that’s better than it was a year ago in your life.

FAQ on Gratitude

What should I put on my list?

You should put whatever makes you feel genuinely thankful. We all have unique things that we can express appreciation for that are specific to our life. Think about what those things are for you and put that on your list.

What are examples of gratitude?

Examples of gratitude include being grateful for your family, your friends, your possessions, and the life that you have. You can look around you to point out the people and things you have in your life to be glad for.

What are three things you are thankful for?

Now that you’ve seen this list of things you can express thankfulness for, think of three things you’re happy to have right now. As I write this, I’m happy to have my bed, my laptop and to be able to write these articles.

How do you express sincere gratitude?

If you want to express sincere gratitude to someone, tell them exactly how you feel about what they’ve done for you in life. It’s as simple as that.

Why should you be glad for your life?

Gratitude helps to make us feel good. Countless studies have shown that. Being grateful for your life can help keep your mood boosted.

You don’t have to be happy about everything in your life, but you can always find one thing to be glad for.

What I’m glad about

One of the main things I find myself more appreciative of as I get older is my wellness.

Not everything with my body functions as well as it once did, but I’m glad that it can still function.

Another major thing I’m glad about is the people I have in my life to support me.

Through all of my personal and professional challenges, I now have people in my corner ready to help me if I need them.

In general, I find myself appreciating all the beauty in this world around me.

The trees outside, the birds chirping, a warm sunny day, and all of nature.

I’m thankful God allows me another day to enjoy the world that I live in.

Another chance to create a life that makes me happy and makes those around me happy.

Final thoughts

At an old motivational seminar, Zig Ziglar tells the story of a woman he met that came to one of his seminars.

She hated her job and wanted him to give her some advice that would make everything better.

Mr. Ziglar told her to write down a list of things she was grateful about with her job by writing, “I like my job because…”

At first, she was reluctant, but then she opened her notebook, and they came up with a large list.

He then told her that she should look in the mirror every day, and instead of saying “I like my job because,” enthusiastically say, “I love my job because…” and go through the list she made.

A few months later, Mr. Ziglar met up with the woman again and noticed she had a big grin on her face.

He asked how she was doing, and she said she was doing wonderfully well, expressing to him how much the people at her job changed.

The audience laughed, and Mr. Ziglar explained that it wasn’t her job that changed; it was her attitude.

Ultimately, if we have an attitude of gratitude, we can be less stressed with the world around us, and more joyful and at peace.

Regularly practice expressing gratitude and see how much it changes your life.

Inspirational video on being grateful

In this video, three people were asked to call somebody they appreciate in their life and tell them what they appreciate.

This powerful video reminds us how much gratitude can bring joy into our lives.

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    1. The little joys in life. 🙂

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