St. Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

Show off your Irish pride with these St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions and answers. This holiday is celebrated every March with loads of people wearing green. 

Our St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions and answers will go over the long and storied history of this day. See if you know which city dyes its river green and so many more interesting facts about St Patrick

Ready to get your Irish on? Then check out these St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions. If you like our trivia questions, you may also enjoy our March, Easter and Irish trivia.

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St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions

Green grass representing st patricks day trivia

1. What country was Saint Patrick born in? 

2. Saint Patrick used a shamrock to represent what? 

3. What was the original color associated with St. Patrick’s Day? 

4. Which U.S. city dyes its river green in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day? 

5. At what age was Saint Patrick kidnapped and brought to Ireland as an enslaved person? 

6. What is the most famous miracle said to have been performed by Saint Patrick? 

7. How long was Saint Patrick enslaved in Ireland? 

8. What was Saint Patrick’s birth name? 

9. What date does St. Patrick’s Day fall on every year? 

10. What mythical creature is associated with St. Patrick’s Day? 

11. What is the most popular dish served on St. Patrick’s Day? 

12. What color is commonly worn on St. Patrick’s Day in America? 

13. Which city in Ireland hosts a five-day festival celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? 

14. Which famous landmark in England turns green on St. Patrick’s Day?

15. What is the most popular drink served on St. Patrick’s Day? 

16. What are the odds of finding a four-leaf clover

17. In which city is the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade held? 

18. According to legend, where does a leprechaun hide its pot of gold at? 

19. What work do leprechauns do to earn their gold? 

20. Which team in the NBA has a leprechaun as its mascot? 

21. What is the highest number of leaves ever found on a clover? 

22. What is the name of the limestone in Ireland that is supposed to bring good luck to those who kiss it? 

23. In which year did St. Patrick’s Day become an official Irish holiday? 

24. How many pints of Guinness are bought each year on St. Patrick’s Day? 

25. What will happen to you if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? 

26. What popular Irish saying means “Ireland forever”

27. What group of people kidnapped and enslaved Saint Patrick? 

28. What did Saint Patrick work as while enslaved in Ireland? 

29. What Latin word is the name Patrick derived from? 

30. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in which country? 

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