114 Irish Trivia Questions And Answers

These Irish trivia questions and answers will test how much you know about Ireland. The color green, shamrocks and other things often come to mind with this country.

Our Irish trivia questions will teach you so many cool things about this culture. See if you know the color of the flag and more.

Ready to test your Irish passion? Then check out our Irish trivia. If you dig this, you’ll probably dig our:

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Irish Trivia Questions And Answers

Irish mountain

1. What stone, according to legend, will give you the gift of gab if you kiss it?

2. What are the colors of the Irish flag?

3. What is the estimated population of the Republic of Ireland today (round to the nearest million)?

4. What religion do 90% of people in Ireland identify as?

5. What is the name of the Irishman who designed the White House?

6. What is the name of the founder of Ford Motor Company, who happens to be of Irish descent?

7. What Irishmen is the author of Dracula?

8. What theatrical show features traditional Irish music and Irish step dancing?

9. Where is the Guinness headquarters located?

10. What was once the capital of Ireland?

11. What other name is the Irish language called?

12. What part of Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom?

13. What is the largest city in Northern Ireland?

14. Who is the lead singer of the Irish band U2?

15. What singer is known for singing the song Nothing Compares 2 U?

16. What ocean is the island of Ireland located in?

17. What is the name of the current prime minister of Ireland?

18. What is the capital of Ireland?

19. What is Ireland’s national emblem?

20. What is the most populous city in Ireland?

21. What body of water separates Ireland from Great Britain?

22. What is the official language of Ireland?

23. What is the national sport of Ireland?

24. What is Ireland’s currency?

25. Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

26. What is the name of the famous stone at Blarney Castle?

27. In which county is the Cliffs of Moher?

28. Which Irish city is known as the ‘Rebel City’?

29. What is the national flower of Ireland?

30. What is Ireland’s largest county by area?

31. Who is the famous Irish author of ‘Ulysses’?

32. What is the nickname of Dublin’s statue of Molly Malone?

33. Which river flows through Dublin?

34. What are the colors of the Irish flag?

35. What’s the national airline of Ireland?

36. What is Ireland’s highest mountain?

37. Which saint is said to have brought Christianity to Ireland?

38. What is the oldest pub in Ireland?

39. Which Irish county is known as ‘The Kingdom’?

40. Who wrote ‘Dracula’, a novel with an Irish author?

41. What’s the most famous street in Dublin?

42. Which Irish poet won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995?

43. Which Irish city was designated a UNESCO City of Literature in 2010?

44. Who was the first President of Ireland?

45. What is the largest island of Ireland?

46. What is the most popular sport in Ireland?

47. Who was the legendary Irish hero who supposedly led the Fenian Brotherhood?

48. Which popular band hails from Dublin, Ireland?

49. What traditional instrument is often associated with Irish music?

50. What is the oldest city in Ireland?

51. Who is Ireland’s most famous female pirate?

52. What is the name of the main street in Cork?

53. What’s the traditional bread of Ireland?

54. What is the iconic black beer that originated in Dublin?

55. Which Irish author wrote ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’?

56. What is the major archaeological site in County Meath, Ireland?

57. Which Irish town is known as ‘The Marble City’?

58. Which mythical Irish creature is known to hoard pots of gold?

59. What is the famous fortress located in County Kerry?

60. Which Irish city is known for its crystal?

61. What is the official animal of Ireland?

62. What is the most common surname in Ireland?

63. What is the famous St. Patrick’s Day dish?

64. Which famous Irish play was written by Samuel Beckett?

65. What is the Irish word for ‘Cheers’?

66. What is the longest river in Ireland?

67. What is the Irish tradition of women proposing to men on February 29 called?

68. Which popular game was invented in Ireland?

69. Who is the famous Irish actor known for his role in ‘Taken’?

70. What is the traditional Irish dance called?

71. What is the famous Irish festival celebrated every March 17th?

72. What Irish city is famous for its jazz festival?

73. Which famous Irish actor starred in ‘In Bruges’?

74. What is the Irish word for ‘Ireland’?

75. What is the biggest lake in Ireland?

76. What is the Irish phrase for ‘A hundred thousand welcomes’?

77. Which famous Nobel laureate and poet wrote ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’?

78. What is the name of the ancient Irish alphabet?

79. What famous ship was built in Belfast, Ireland?

80. What traditional Irish stew is made from lamb, potatoes, and onions?

81. What is the name of the fortress located in Galway?

82. Which river divides the city of Limerick?

83. Who was the first female President of Ireland?

84. What is the nickname for people from County Cork?

85. What is Ireland’s largest island?

86. What is the largest church in Ireland?

87. Which famous Irish actor starred in ‘Sherlock Holmes’?

88. What color is associated with Saint Patrick?

89. What is the famous ring of tourist trail in Ireland?

90. What is the famous geological formation in County Antrim, Northern Ireland?

91. Which county in Ireland is known as ‘The Garden of Ireland’?

92. What is the highest peak of the Wicklow Mountains?

93. What is the name of the traditional Irish boat?

94. What is the oldest university in Ireland?

95. What is the color of the flag of County Tipperary?

96. Which former President of Ireland served two terms from 1997 to 2011?

97. What is the name of the sacred mountain in County Mayo?

98. Who was the famous Irish leader and military strategist known as ‘The Liberator’?

99. Which famous Irish playwright wrote ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’?

100. What is the name of the famous theater in Dublin?

101. Who is the famous Irish actress known for her role in ‘Atonement’?

102. What is the famous ghost story by Sheridan Le Fanu?

103. What is the name of the national theater of Ireland?

104. What is the famous neolithic site in County Sligo?

105. Who is the legendary Irish warrior associated with the ‘Cattle Raid of Cooley’?

106. What is the traditional Irish song often sung on New Year’s Eve?

107. What is the name of the famous museum in Dublin?

108. What is the Irish celebration known as ‘Feast of the Assumption’?

109. What is the traditional Irish musical instrument similar to a small drum?

110. Which famous Irish novelist wrote ‘Gulliver’s Travels’?

111. What is the name of the famous medieval manuscript located in Trinity College Dublin?

112. What is the traditional Irish game similar to field hockey?

113. What is the name of the famous cathedral in Dublin?

114. Who is the famous Irish singer known for ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’?

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