USA Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

These USA trivia questions and answers will challenge your knowledge of America. Find out all types of fun facts and history about the country. 

Our USA trivia questions and answers also cover everything from landmarks to historic times in our nation. It can be a great history lesson for all ages. 

Ready to show how much you know about America? Then enjoy these USA trivia questions and answers. If you enjoy our USA trivia questions, check out our Black FridayChristmas, and Thanksgiving trivia.

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USA Trivia Questions

City in america representing our usa trivia

1. Who is the 15th-century sailor who came to America and believed it was India?

Christopher Columbus

2. What did Europeans call America in the 16th century?

The New World

3. Which U.S. state is the smallest?

Rhode Island

4. Which U.S. state is the biggest?


5. Which state was named “The First State” after being the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution?


6. Which state was the last to join, becoming the 50th state in America?


7. In what year did America gain freedom from the British empire?


8. What is the name of the Treaty between England and America that ended the American Revolutionary War?

Treaty of Paris

9. What is America’s most iconic landmark, located in New York, which represents freedom?

Statue of Liberty

10. What country did Christopher Columbus sail for?


11. What is the name of the first permanent English settlement in America?


12. In what year did Christopher Columbus first land in the Americas?


13. What is the United States official language?

There is none

14. In which country was the Statue of Liberty built before being shipped to America?


15. Who was the first President of the United States?

George Washington

16. In which U.S. state is the landmark Mount Rushmore located?

South Dakota

17. What colors are featured on the U.S. flag?

Red, white, blue

18. How many stars were on the original American flag?


19. What song is the country’s national anthem?

Star Spangled Banner

20. What is the population in the United States as of 2022?

300 million

21. What is the official national dish in America?

The hamburger

22. What is the largest mountain range in the U.S.?

The Rocky Mountains

23. How many oceans border America?


24. What is the name of the largest lake in America?

Lake Superior

25. Which river in the U.S. is the longest?

Missouri River

26. Which state in America is the driest?


27. What is the name of the nation’s capital?

Washington D.C.

28. Which U.S. President served longer than anyone else in the country’s history?

Washington D.C.

29. How many U.S. states have names starting with the letter M?


30. Which U.S. state has the highest population?


31. In what year did America put a man on the moon?


32. In which U.S. state is the largest national park located?

South Dakota

33. What is the most popular sport in America?


34. As of 2022, how many Presidents has America had?


35. In what year did America purchase the Louisiana Territory from France?


36. What was the first university in America?


37. Which U.S. state does the Liberty Bell reside in?


38. Which state did America buy from Russia in 1867?


39. According to FEMA, what is America’s most common natural disaster?


40. What is the name of the longest cave system in America?

Mammoth Cave

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