76 New Orleans Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome to an engaging journey into the heart of New Orleans Trivia! Our trivia covers a wide array of topics ranging from historical facts, notable figures, cultural practices, iconic landmarks, to delicious cuisine. Each question provides a glimpse into what makes the city so unique and fascinating. Are you ready to explore The Big Easy? Let’s get started and see how much you know about the vibrant city of New Orleans!

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1. What is the official nickname of New Orleans?

2. Which fruit is associated with New Orleans’ cuisine?

3. What is the name of New Orleans’ famous French Quarter festival?

4. In which year was New Orleans founded?

5. What is the name of the popular New Orleans sandwich?

6. Which river flows by New Orleans?

7. What is the popular local style of music in New Orleans?

8. What is the name of the famous street in New Orleans known for its nightlife?

9. Which popular television series is set in New Orleans?

10. What city is known as the northernmost Caribbean city?

11. Who founded New Orleans?

12. What is the traditional New Orleans pastry?

13. What is the name of the NFL team based in New Orleans?

14. Which NBA team is based in New Orleans?

15. What is the unique legal system in Louisiana, influenced by the French?

16. Which city is known for its above-ground cemeteries?

17. What is the name of the annual jazz festival in New Orleans?

18. What hurricane significantly damaged New Orleans in 2005?

19. In which U.S. state is New Orleans?

20. What is the name of the famous cocktail from New Orleans?

21. What iconic parade item is often thrown at Mardi Gras celebrations?

22. What famous World War II museum is located in New Orleans?

23. What is the local pronunciation of New Orleans?

24. What famous dessert often contains a hidden plastic baby?

25. What is a well-known tradition during Mardi Gras in New Orleans?

26. Who is the patron saint of New Orleans?

27. Which Creole dish is associated with New Orleans?

28. Which bird is considered a symbol of Louisiana and New Orleans?

29. What is the name of the public square in the center of the French Quarter?

30. What structure is one of the oldest operating American theaters?

31. Which French monarch was New Orleans named after?

32. What is the name of the famous New Orleans jazz venue?

33. What is the primary airport serving the New Orleans area?

34. Which famous jazz musician was born in New Orleans?

35. Which historic building in New Orleans is known for its cast-iron balconies?

36. Which historic New Orleans neighborhood is known for its music scene?

37. What New Orleans street is known for its antique shops and art galleries?

38. Which cocktail, invented in New Orleans, is traditionally made with rum, lime, and mint?

39. What is the French term for the central city square in New Orleans?

40. What is the name of the famous open-air market in New Orleans?

41. What is the style of cooking associated with New Orleans?

42. What famous riverboat operates on the Mississippi River from New Orleans?

43. Which New Orleans venue is the home of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival?

44. Which famous pirate is associated with New Orleans?

45. What is the official state insect of Louisiana, common in New Orleans?

46. What’s the name of the famous mansion in New Orleans that’s rumored to be haunted?

47. Which famous New Orleans mansion was built in 1832 and is renowned for its cast ironwork?

48. What is the name of the famous music club on Frenchmen Street?

49. What’s the name of the famous streetcar line that travels from downtown to the Garden District?

50. What famous New Orleans cemetery is known as ‘City of the Dead’?

51. What iconic New Orleans dish is traditionally served on Mondays?

52. Which U.S. President is honored with a statue in New Orleans’ Lafayette Square?

53. Which traditional New Orleans cocktail is made with rye whiskey, absinthe, and Peychaud’s bitters?

54. What style of architecture is the St. Louis Cathedral?

55. What is the name of the iconic tower located at the end of Canal Street?

56. What famous author lived at 722 Toulouse Street in the French Quarter?

57. What legendary New Orleans musician is known as the ‘Father of Jazz’?

58. What style of music originated in New Orleans in the early 20th century?

59. Which drink, associated with New Orleans, was reputedly invented at Pat O’Brien’s bar?

60. What is the name of the bridge that crosses the Mississippi River in New Orleans?

61. What are the colors traditionally associated with Mardi Gras?

62. What is the name of the large lake north of New Orleans?

63. Which famous work of Tennessee Williams is set in New Orleans?

64. What is the name of the African American museum in Treme?

65. What iconic New Orleans drink is known as the ‘Crescent City Cooler’?

66. What notable New Orleans structure was built to commemorate the 1884 World’s Fair?

67. What kind of trees are famous in the Garden District of New Orleans?

68. What is the name of the historic racetrack in New Orleans?

69. What historical New Orleans district is known for its nightclubs and music venues?

70. What is the name of the football stadium where the New Orleans Saints play?

71. What body of water does the city of New Orleans border to the south?

72. What New Orleans street is known as ‘the most beautiful street in America’?

73. What is the name of the famous hotel located on the corner of Royal and Canal streets?

74. What type of architecture is the Garden District known for?

75. What’s the traditional New Orleans dish made of a roux, meat or shellfish, and the ‘holy trinity’ of vegetables?

76. What historic site in New Orleans was the center of the Louisiana Purchase transfer in 1803?

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