72 Pittsburgh Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome to the captivating world of Pittsburgh trivia! Nestled within the heart of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is a city brimming with history, culture, and countless tales. From its iconic sports teams to its monumental role in the steel industry, from renowned personalities to architectural marvels, dive into these questions to test and expand your knowledge of the Steel City. Whether you’re a seasoned Yinzer or a curious visitor, this trivia promises a journey through the heartbeats and milestones of Pittsburgh. Let’s see how well you know the ‘Burgh!

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1. In which state is Pittsburgh located?

2. What river flows through Pittsburgh?

3. What nickname is Pittsburgh commonly known as?

4. Which iconic sandwich shop started in Pittsburgh?

5. Which black and gold team represents Pittsburgh in the NFL?

6. Which NHL team plays for Pittsburgh?

7. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s MLB team?

8. Which university is located in the neighborhood of Oakland?

9. What is the name of the historic incline on Mt. Washington?

10. What is the oldest park in Pittsburgh?

11. Pittsburgh played a key role in which industry in the 19th and 20th centuries?

12. What is the nickname of the University of Pittsburgh’s sports teams?

13. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s historic amusement park?

14. What is the tallest building in Pittsburgh?

15. Which Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for its many steps and city views?

16. What event celebrates Pittsburgh’s Eastern European heritage?

17. Which children’s TV personality hailed from Pittsburgh?

18. Which famous pop artist was born in Pittsburgh?

19. Which Gothic-style structure is a landmark of the University of Pittsburgh?

20. What cookie, made of thin wafers and chocolate, originates from Pittsburgh?

21. What annual event in Pittsburgh celebrates innovation and creativity?

22. What is the name of the botanical garden and conservatory located in Pittsburgh?

23. Which Pittsburgh location is known for its dinosaur exhibits?

24. What historic spot in Pittsburgh was a site of a pre-Revolutionary War battle?

25. Which Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for its Italian heritage?

26. What is the name of the stadium where the Pittsburgh Steelers play?

27. Which historic theatre is located in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh?

28. Which national historic landmark in Pittsburgh is known for its collection of antique carriages?

29. Which bridge in Pittsburgh is known as the ‘City of Bridges’?

30. What type of architecture is the Point State Park Fountain known for?

31. What is the primary newspaper publication in Pittsburgh?

32. Which dance company, founded in 1969, is based in Pittsburgh?

33. In what year was Pittsburgh founded?

34. Which major philanthropist and industrialist is associated with Pittsburgh?

35. Which annual film festival takes place in Pittsburgh?

36. What is the name of the historic mansion and museum located in Pittsburgh’s East End?

37. Which famous playwright, author of ‘Fences’, is from Pittsburgh?

38. What festival celebrates the LGBTQ+ community in Pittsburgh?

39. Which Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for its Victorian architecture?

40. Which famous horror movie director is from Pittsburgh?

41. In which neighborhood can you find the Pittsburgh Public Market?

42. Which island park is located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers?

43. Which renowned symphony orchestra performs in Pittsburgh?

44. Which famous children’s author of ‘Goodnight Moon’ was born in Pittsburgh?

45. What is the name of the Pittsburgh neighborhood known for its galleries and studios?

46. Which annual event in Pittsburgh focuses on light-based art installations?

47. Which historic house in Pittsburgh is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture?

48. Which former Pittsburgh mayor’s name is on the city’s convention center?

49. Which annual event showcases homes and gardens in Pittsburgh’s East End?

50. What nickname is given to the period of rebirth and redevelopment in Pittsburgh during the mid-20th century?

51. Which Pittsburgh research university is known for its programs in science and engineering?

52. What is the oldest continuously operating theater in Pittsburgh?

53. Which Pittsburgh museum focuses on the history of Western Pennsylvania?

54. Which famous Pittsburgh attraction is a funicular railway?

55. What name is given to the region of Pittsburgh known for its tech companies and innovation?

56. Which bird species is celebrated annually with a festival in Pittsburgh?

57. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s professional women’s football team?

58. Which Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for its historic row houses?

59. What unique dessert from Pittsburgh features a graham cracker crust and layers of cream and cake?

60. Which 19th-century style of architecture can be found in many of Pittsburgh’s historic buildings?

61. Which public television station, founded in 1954, is based in Pittsburgh?

62. What is the name of the pedestrian bridge connecting the North Shore and Fort Duquesne?

63. Which Pittsburgh landmark is a Civil War-era Victorian house?

64. What famous horror film was filmed in and around Pittsburgh?

65. What annual Pittsburgh event showcases a variety of handcrafted items from local artisans?

66. Which trail stretches 150 miles from Pittsburgh to Cumberland, Maryland?

67. Which jazz musician, known for his unique piano style, was born in Pittsburgh?

68. What type of public transport system operates in Pittsburgh, using underground and overground tracks?

69. Which Pittsburgh skyscraper was once the tallest building outside of New York and Chicago?

70. Which Pittsburgh landmark is a Gothic Revival-style skyscraper?

71. What structure in Pittsburgh was once the longest arch bridge in the world?

72. Which historic battlefield near Pittsburgh was a significant battle of the French and Indian War?

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