80 Dragon ball Trivia Questions And Answers

Dive deep into the expansive universe of Dragon Ball Trivia with this collection of questions! From the early days of Dragon Ball to the intense battles of Dragon Ball Super, these questions cover a wide range of topics about our favorite Saiyans, villains, techniques, and so much more. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just starting your adventure with Goku and friends, this trivia is bound to challenge your knowledge and reignite your passion for one of the most iconic anime series ever created. Ready your senses and test your Dragon Ball expertise!

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1. Who is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series?

2. What race is Frieza?

3. Which character is known as the Prince of all Saiyans?

4. What planet did the Saiyans originally come from?

5. What is the name of Piccolo’s home planet?

6. Who is Goku’s father?

7. Who destroyed Planet Vegeta?

8. Which Dragon Ball character can regenerate?

9. Who trained Goku when he was a child?

10. What is the martial arts tournament called in Dragon Ball?

11. What is the highest Super Saiyan form Goku achieved in Dragon Ball Z?

12. Which android is Dr. Gero’s creation and also his companion?

13. Who is the guardian of Earth before Dende?

14. What is the fusion dance result of Goku and Vegeta?

15. Who defeated Cell in Dragon Ball Z?

16. What is the name of Frieza’s father?

17. What is the name of Vegeta and Bulma’s son?

18. Who is the leader of the Ginyu Force?

19. Which character is the god of destruction of Goku’s universe in Dragon Ball Super?

20. What type of bean can heal wounds and restore energy?

21. Who becomes the God of Earth after Kami?

22. Who was known as the ‘Emperor of the Universe’?

23. What is Goku’s Saiyan birth name?

24. Who is the first Super Saiyan God?

25. Which Saiyan was sent to Earth as a baby?

26. Who is Vegeta’s younger brother?

27. What is the fusion result of Goten and Trunks?

28. What is Krillin’s daughter’s name?

29. Which character was originally an enemy but later became an ally to Goku?

30. Who killed Krillin causing Goku’s first Super Saiyan transformation?

31. What is Trunks’ time-traveling vehicle?

32. Who is the angel serving Universe 7?

33. Who trained Goku and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super?

34. Which character has three eyes?

35. Who is the wife of Vegeta?

36. Which Saiyan has a scar on his cheek?

37. Who does Gohan marry?

38. What’s the name of the fusion using Potara earrings?

39. Which character was created using the DNA of the strongest fighters?

40. Who is Beerus’ twin brother?

41. Which fighter is known as the ‘Desert Bandit’?

42. Who is Pan’s father?

43. Who trained Gohan during the preparation for the Saiyan invasion?

44. Which character can split into multiple fighters?

45. What is the name of the afterlife where fighters can train?

46. Which character trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber the most?

47. Who is the king of the demon realm?

48. Which character can absorb others?

49. Who taught Goku the Kamehameha wave?

50. What does ‘Saiyan’ mean in English?

51. Which character is the best friend of Goku?

52. What item is used to revive those who are dead?

53. Who is the smallest eternal dragon?

54. Who is Goku’s brother?

55. What’s the energy technique used by the Z fighters?

56. Who is the ruler of the Other World?

57. Which character can transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan?

58. Who is the father of Bulma?

59. What is the name of Master Roshi’s island?

60. Who is the cat that lives with Korin?

61. What is the name of the Ox-King’s daughter?

62. Who is the Saiyan who worked alongside Bardock?

63. Who is the Supreme Kai’s attendant?

64. Which character has a crush on Goku?

65. What’s the name of the technique that immobilizes the opponent?

66. Which character has a Dodon Ray attack?

67. Who is known for the Big Bang Attack?

68. Which character is often seen chewing on a piece of grass?

69. Who serves as the Universe 7 Kai?

70. What is the name of the wife of Mr. Satan?

71. Which character is known for the Galick Gun attack?

72. Who is the brother of Android 18?

73. What’s the Saiyan name of Vegeta and Bulma’s daughter?

74. Who trained under King Kai after Goku?

75. Which character is known for his Death Ball attack?

76. Who became the champion of the World Martial Arts Tournament multiple times?

77. What’s the name of the energy wave used by Yamcha?

78. What do Saiyans transform into under a full moon?

79. Who is the mother of Goku?

80. Which form of Buu is the most childish?

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