83 Futurama Trivia Questions And Answers

Welcome to the Futurama Trivia Challenge! From the brilliant mind of Matt Groening, “Futurama” has become a staple in the world of animated television. Set in the 31st century, this series follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry, Bender, Leela, and the rest of the Planet Express crew. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, this trivia is designed to test your knowledge and dive deep into the hilarious, quirky, and sometimes heartwarming universe of “Futurama”. So buckle up, grab a can of Slurm, and let’s see how well you know the world of tomorrow!

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1. Who created ‘Futurama’?

2. What is Fry’s full name?

3. Where does Fry work in the 31st century?

4. What is Bender’s primary function?

5. Which character is a Cyclops?

6. Who is the elderly, wealthy owner of Planet Express?

7. What is Bender’s full name?

8. Who has a crush on Leela?

9. Which doctor operates on multiple species?

10. Which character is known for saying ‘Good news everyone!’?

11. What is Leela’s pet’s name?

12. Where is Hermes Conrad from?

13. What’s the name of the bureaucrat robot?

14. Who is the Asian-American Planet Express intern?

15. What instrument does Fry play?

16. Which character loves ‘Bachelor Chow’?

17. What beverage is Fry obsessed with?

18. Who captains the Nimbus?

19. Which character has a crush on Amy?

20. Who is Kif’s commanding officer?

21. Where did Fry work in the 20th century?

22. What is the Planet Express ship’s main color?

23. What year did Fry get frozen?

24. In what year does Fry wake up?

25. Which planet is the source of ‘Slurm’?

26. Who runs the ‘Suicide Booth’?

27. Which character is famous for saying ‘Woop woop woop!’?

28. Who is Amy’s wealthy parent’s business?

29. What does Bender often say when stressed or frightened?

30. Who is Bender’s best friend?

31. Which mutant lives in the sewers and is Leela’s friend?

32. Who is Leela’s singing boil?

33. What’s the name of the karaoke-singing alien?

34. Where is Lrrr from?

35. Who tried to steal Earth’s monuments?

36. Which character communicates through beeps?

37. What name does Bender take as a folk singer?

38. Which liquid sustains Bender’s functions?

39. What is Fry’s nephew’s name?

40. Who is the famous 20th-century actor preserved as a head?

41. Which opera is Fry’s masterpiece?

42. What is Planet Express’s motto?

43. Who is Fry’s roommate in the future?

44. Which fast-food chain became a major religion?

45. What game does Fry become skilled at in the 31st century?

46. Who is the gangster of love?

47. Which character doesn’t wear shoes?

48. What’s Bender’s favorite exclamation?

49. What magazine does Fry read about ‘What Robots Want’?

50. What soft drink brings Santa Claus to life?

51. Who becomes ruler of Earth after winning a card game?

52. What currency is commonly used in the 31st century?

53. What is Kif’s species?

54. Who is the mayor of New New York?

55. Which robot is Bender’s evil twin?

56. Which robot mafia member has a gun arm?

57. Who is a giant stone alien?

58. What item does Fry look for at the start of his future journey?

59. Which character has a tattoo of Bender?

60. Which character is Zoidberg’s uncle?

61. What’s the main mode of public transportation in New New York?

62. What is Leela’s birth name?

63. What animal does Zapp Brannigan have as a pet?

64. Who voiced the Hyper-Chicken lawyer?

65. What’s the name of Bender’s son?

66. Who was Bender’s first love?

67. Which character owns a pet snake?

68. Who is Fry’s love interest from the past?

69. Which band is responsible for the anthem of Earth?

70. Who wrote the 31st century’s most popular song?

71. Which machine predicts the manner of one’s death?

72. What’s Bender’s manufacturing company?

73. Which empire did Lrrr rule?

74. Who is known for saying ‘Shut up and take my money!’?

75. What brand of beer is popular in the 31st century?

76. Who is Planet Express’s rival company?

77. Which character works in the bureaucracy?

78. Which opera house hosts Fry’s opera?

79. What animal is associated with the anchovy extinction?

80. Which ancient organization does Hermes belong to?

81. What arcade game is Fry unbeatable at?

82. Who becomes a Pharaoh on Osiris 4?

83. Which character says ‘That’s using your ass!’?

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