The Simpsons Trivia Questions And Answers

Our Simpsons trivia questions and answers will test how much you’re a fan of this long-running cartoon. Ever since this family of five first gathered around the couch, audiences have laughed at their crazy adventures. 

These Simpsons trivia questions will cover so many interesting things about this cartoon. See if you remember who the creator is and much more. 

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Simpsons Trivia

Couch and tv representing simpsons trivia

1. Who is the creator of The Simpsons? 

2. What is the fictional town where The Simpsons is set? 

3. Which TV network does The Simpsons air on? 

4. How many children are in the Simpsons family? 

5. Matt Groening designed the Simpsons family to be recognizable by what? 

6. On what show did the first animated short of The Simpson air? 

7. In what year did the first episode of The Simpsons air? 

8. What is the name of the main antagonist in the show? 

9. What is the name of Homer’s favorite bar? 

10. Who is the founder of the town of Springfield? 

11. Which character is based on Matt Groening? 

12. What is the Comic Book Guy’s real name? 

13. What is the noise that Homer commonly makes in the show? 

14. Homer Simpson works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as what? 

15. What does Homer use to propose to Marge? 

16. What is Bart short for? 

17. In what year was the Simpsons movie released? 

18. In the Simpsons movie, where did the family move to? 

19. Nancy Cartwright, the voice actress for Bart, auditioned for which other character first?

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