March Madness Trivia (2023)

These March Madness trivia questions and answers will help get you amped up for some college basketball. This annual tournament is filled with great games and upsets.

These March Madness trivia questions will go over some of the history of NCAA basketball. You can find out some cool things you didn’t know.

See if you remember the team who won the NCAA basketball championship in 2022. Ready to dunk on the competition?

Then enjoy our trivia on March Madness. If you like this quiz, you might like our NBA trivia.

March Madness Trivia Questions

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1. What two teams played in the first NCAA basketball championship game?

2. What team won the first NCAA basketball championship?

3. Who coined the term March Madness?

4. What NCAA basketball team has won the most national championships?

5. What team did the all-time NCAA tournament leading scorer Christian Laettner play for?

6. How many national college basketball championships did Michael Jordan win playing for North Carolina?

7. Has anyone ever filled out a perfect March Madness bracket?

8. What is the biggest point-spread upset in NCAA basketball tournament history?

9. Who was the youngest coach to win the NCAA basketball title at age 31?

10. How many NCAA basketball championships has Coach K won?

11. What college basketball team has the most final four appearances in March Madness history?

12. How many NCAA basketball championships did John Wooden win in his career?

13. How many teams were in the first March Madness tournament?

14. What year did the NCAA expand the Division I basketball tournament to 64 teams?

15. How many teams are featured in the March Madness tournament today?

16. What college team was the first 16-seed to upset a 1-seed?

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