Spring Trivia Questions And Answers

Enjoy these spring trivia questions and answers as the weather begins to warm up. Spring is, at times, associated with rebirth and renewal

These spring trivia questions will go over everything to know about this season. Find out when spring starts and so much more.

Ready to celebrate the start of birds chirping and flowers blooming? Then have fun with our Spring trivia. If this Spring trivia was fun, check out our fall, winter, and summer trivia.

Spring Trivia

Spring colors representing spring trivia

1. What other name is Spring known as?

2. What date will be the official start of spring in 2023?

3. What three months are considered a part of the spring season in the northern hemisphere?

4. Do days grow longer or shorter during spring?

5. What weather event is most common in spring?

6. What date does spring begin in Australia and New Zealand?

7. What are the spring months according to Ireland’s Gaelic calendar?

8. What are the spring months in Brazil?

9. What Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated in spring?

10. What airborne allergen increases in Spring, causing some people to experience more intense allergies?

11. What vacation period occurs during the spring season?

12. What is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a home during the springtime?

13. What is the first day of May known as?

14. What holiday in spring celebrates Mexico’s victory over the second French empire?

We hope you enjoyed this trivia about Spring. Keep an eye out for our March, April, and May trivia. You might also like our April Fools Day trivia.

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