75 Valentines Day Trivia Questions And Answers

These Valentines Day trivia questions and answers will hopefully get you in the mood for love. This special day has a long and storied history.

Our Valentines Day trivia questions will cover all things related to this day of hearts and chocolate. Learn where the oldest Valentine’s Day card is and more.

Do you know the most about this day of love? Prove it by quizzing yourself with this Valentine’s Day trivia. If you like Holiday trivia, check out our Easter, February, Couple Tivia, Wedding Trivia and Groundhog Day trivia.

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Valentines Day Trivia Questions And Answers

Hearts representing valentine's day trivia

1. How many pounds of chocolate do Americans buy for Valentines Day each year?

2. What date does Valentines Day fall on every year? 

3. According to Hallmark, where does Valentine’s Day rank as far as the most popular holiday for cards?

4. During what century was the first ever Valentine’s Day card given? 

5. In which European city can you see the oldest Valentine’s Day card?

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6. In which European country was Saint Valentine born? 

7. The oldest recorded love poem was written on what? 

8. Approximately how many roses are given out on Valentines Day each year? 

9. What is the average amount of marriage proposals made on Valentines Day? 

10. What color rose symbolizes romantic love? 

11. What color rose symbolizes friendship? 

12. In which of William Shakespeare’s plays does he reference Valentine’s Day? 

13. In what year did Hallmark make its first Valentine’s Day card? 

14. The fourth finger on one’s left hand became the finger meant for wedding rings because the vein in this finger is said to be connected to what? 

15. What popular social media platform debuted on Valentines Day in 2005?

16. What is the name of the Greek goddess associated with love and beauty? 

17. In Roman mythology, what is the name of the little cherub who represents romantic love? 

18. According to Roman mythology, Cupid was the son of which goddess? 

19. Which Roman holiday is associated with Valentines Day?

20. Who was the inventor of the Valentine’s Day candy box? 

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21. Finland calls Valentine’s Day by what other name? 

22. Which U.S. state grows most of the roses in America? 

23. How much money do Americans spend on cards for Valentine’s Day each year?

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24. According to Greek mythology, Cupid falls in love with which goddess?

25. Which candy company created the popular candy hearts with sweet messages for Valentine’s Day and produced them until 2018?

26. Where was the very first Valentine’s Day message written and sent from?

27. Who is the artist known for popularizing greeting cards on Valentine’s Day in America? 

28. In which country is Valentine’s Day the most common date for wedding anniversaries?

29. Tomatoes, believed to be an aphrodisiac, are referred to as what?

30. Which state in the U.S. produces the most chocolate each year? 

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31. What other name is Valentine’s Day referred to as?

32. Which pope was the person to declare Valentine’s Day a holiday? 

33. During the 18th century, English women used what as good luck on Valentine’s Day? 

34. What famous horror movie was released on Valentine’s Day in 1931?

35. What year was the first heart-shaped box of chocolates made by Richard Cadbury?

36. What popular romance movie starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams?

37. What was the name of the ensemble cast romance movie that starred Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and other big stars?

38. What expensive gift often give on Valentine’s Day?

39. Which country celebrates white day a month after Valentine’s Day, where men give gifts to women?

40. What question gets asked before Valentine’s Day?

41. In Ghana, what do they celebrate on February 14th?

42. What percentage of women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day?

43. What city and country is Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette set?

44. What day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day that involves women celebrating their friendships with their female friends?

45. When writing a love letter to someone, how is it ended in order for the sender to remain anonymous?

46. What billionaire and former mayor of New York City were born on February 14th?

47. What psychological thriller starring Anthony Hopkins was released on Valentine’s Day in 1991?

48. Who applied for a patent for a telephone on February 14th, 1876?

49. What country celebrates their Valentine’s day, calling it “The Day of Love,” on May 1st?

50. Who is the inventor of the wheel that was born on Valentine’s Day in 1851?

51. Who was Saint Valentine?

52. Which country first started the tradition of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards?

53. What is the significance of red roses on Valentine’s Day?

54. Which Roman goddess is associated with love and beauty, often linked to Valentine’s Day?

55. What percentage of Valentine’s Day cards are purchased by women?

56. What is the most common flower given on Valentine’s Day besides roses?

57. In which city is the ‘Juliet Club’ located, where thousands of Valentine’s letters are sent each year?

58. On Valentine’s Day 2010, which country set the record for the largest group wedding?

59. Which U.S. state produces a majority of America’s roses?

60. What day is known as ‘Singles Awareness Day’?

61. Which Roman emperor is believed to have declared February 14th as Valentine’s Day?

62. What type of candy is often shaped like hearts for Valentine’s Day?

63. In Finland, what is Valentine’s Day called, translating to ‘Friend’s Day’?

64. What Italian city is considered the ‘City of Love’?

65. Which U.S. president was born on Valentine’s Day?

66. In medieval times, girls ate unusual foods on Valentine’s Day to dream of their future spouse. True or False?

67. Which bird is often used as a symbol of Valentine’s Day?

68. What percentage of Valentine’s Day cards are electronic?

69. In the Middle Ages, people believed the first unmarried person of the opposite sex they saw on Valentine’s Day would be their spouse. True or False?

70. Which U.S. state has a town named Valentine?

71. What percentage of pet owners give their pets a Valentine’s Day gift?

72. In which century did Valentine’s Day begin to be popularly celebrated in England?

73. What is the French village called that receives thousands of Valentine’s Day cards each year?

74. Which poet wrote the oldest known Valentine’s Day message in English?

75. What is the approximate number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually worldwide?

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