March Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

Our March trivia questions and answers will teach you more things about this month than you may have ever known. This time is often associated with the beginning of spring.

This March trivia will teach you fun and interesting things about the third month of the year. Find out what the birth flower of this month is and much more.

Ready to test your third month of the year knowledge? Check out our March trivia. If you like our March trivia, you might like our International Women’s Day, Easter, March Madness, and St. Patrick’s day trivia.

March Trivia Questions

Spring trees representing march trivia

1. What is the 15th day of March known as in the Roman calendar?

2. What is the birth flower for March?

3. The start of spring falls on one of three dates in March every year. What are those three dates?

4. What do animals start waking up from in March?

5. What college basketball event happens in the month of March?

6. What do math enthusiasts celebrate on March 16th?

7. What day in March does Daylight Saving Time fall on?

8. What happens during Daylight Saving Time?

9. How many days are in the month of March?

10. What Christian holy day of prayer and fasting occurs in March?

11. What other month finishes on the same day of the week as March every year?

12. What month is the equivalent of March in the Southern Hemisphere?

13. In the oldest Roman calendar, a full year was ten months. What number month of the year was March at that time?

14. What 80s rock legend was born on March 2nd?

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