Pizza Trivia Questions And Answers

These pizza trivia questions will be as enjoyable as eating a slice with pepperoni on it. This food has been around for many centuries.

In our pizza trivia, you’ll discover when it first came about and other interesting facts about this delicious meal. A recent study found that 98% of people in America eat pizza.

So you’re definitely not alone in your joy for this food. With that said, enjoy our pizza trivia questions. If you dig our pizza trivia, see if you like our food trivia.

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Pizza Trivia Questions And Answers

Pepperoni pizza representing pizza trivia

1. What three ancient groups were among the first to consume flatbreads with toppings on them?

2. How many slices of pizza are Americans estimated to eat in a year?

3. What is the most expensive pizza in the world?

4. How much does the most expensive pizza cost?

5. Who is the inventor of the most expensive pizza?

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6. According to YouGov America, after pepperoni and sausage, what is the third most popular pizza topping in America?

7. What content creator and pizza company set a new world record for the biggest pizza?

8. After the Super Bowl, what annual celebration is one of the busiest days for pizza sales?

9. Between Papa John’s, Little Caesars, Pizza Hut, and Dominos, which company was the first to open its doors?

10. What is the leading pizza chain in America by sales, according to Statista?

11. When is national pizza day?

12. When is national pizza month?

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13. A survey found that anchovies are the least favorite pizza topping among Americans. What pizza topping comes in second?

14. What is the top-selling frozen pizza brand in the United States?

15. What was the name of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal’s pizza sold at Papa John’s?

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