60 Christmas Food Trivia Questions And Answers

These Christmas food trivia questions will be fun and might make you hungry by the end. There are so many meals associated with this time of year.

Our Christmas food trivia questions will cover all the classic holiday dishes. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up making one of these items afterward.

Ready to prove you know about what’s served on the holidays? Then enjoy these Christmas food trivia questions. If you like our Christmas food trivia, check out our other holiday trivia:

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Christmas Food Trivia

Desserts representing christmas food trivia

1. What is the name of the creamy spiced drink often served as a beverage during Christmas time?

2. What other drink, usually topped with marshmallows or whipped cream, is common during Christmas? 

3. In which country is it common to eat at KFC on Christmas? 

4. In Germany, it is common to eat roasted what on Christmas? 

5. In the UK, what is one of the most common dishes served throughout the Christmas season? 

6. In America and several European countries, what do children leave out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? 

7. What kind of cookie is used to build candy-decorated houses during Christmas? 

8. What is the name of the traditional Christmas cake made using dried fruit, spices, and nuts? 

9. Salted cod is a traditional meal eaten on Christmas in which country? 

10. Kūčios is a traditional Lithuanian feast eaten during Christmas time. How many dishes are served during this feast? 

11. In which country do they eat figgy pudding during Christmas? 

12. What is the most common dinner eaten in America during Christmas? 

13. In which country is it a tradition to make a cake roll representing the Yule log? 

14. In America, children often make food for Santa’s reindeer using what as the main ingredient? 

15. In the Christmas movie “Elf,” Buddy explains that an elf’s four main food groups are candy, candy canes, syrup, and what else? 

16. What is the main course that the Whos eat for Christmas dinner in “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”? 

17. What do the twelve dishes in the traditional Lithuanian Christmas meal represent? 

18. What is the date of National Egg Nog Day? 

19. What type of candy is used to decorate Christmas trees? 

20. What two fruits are commonly dried and used to decorate homes and Christmas trees? 

21. Which country eats a traditional meal with cabbage, potatoes, and sausage during Christmas? 

22. What country does fruit cake originate from? 

23. What is the name of Australia’s most common Christmas dessert? 

24. In the UK, finding what in your pudding signifies good luck for the year? 

25. Who is the English politician who once banned mince pies during Christmas? 

26. What is the average number of calories consumed during Christmas dinner in the UK? 

27. In which country is it common to eat the Feast of the Seven Fishes during Christmas? 

28. What fruit was often placed inside Christmas stockings in the 19th century? 

29. In which direction should you stir the mixture when making Christmas pudding? 

30. What type of cake is traditionally eaten in Italy at Christmas?

31. Which country is credited with the creation of eggnog?

32. What is the main ingredient in a traditional German Stollen?

33. What nut is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?

34. In which country is it traditional to eat a Christmas cake called ‘Julekake’?

35. What Christmas beverage is also known as ‘Bombardino’ in Italy?

36. What is the traditional Christmas meal in Australia?

37. What is the Spanish name for almond nougat, consumed during Christmas?

38. In which country is it traditional to eat ‘Kutia’ during Christmas?

39. What is the traditional Christmas dessert in Mexico?

40. What is a common name for small sausages wrapped in bacon, a traditional Christmas dish in the UK?

41. What fruit is used to make a traditional Christingle?

42. What is the traditional Christmas Eve meal in Poland?

43. What is the essential fruit used in making a Black Cake, popular in the Caribbean during Christmas?

44. Which spice is essential in the Swedish Christmas drink ‘Glögg’?

45. In which country is eating ‘Pavlova’ a Christmas tradition?

46. Which country traditionally consumes ‘Lutefisk’ during the Christmas season?

47. What is a traditional Christmas drink in Latin America and the Philippines?

48. What is the name of the traditional Christmas bread in Greece?

49. In which country is ‘Risalamande’ a traditional Christmas dessert?

50. What is the traditional Christmas meat in New Zealand?

51. Which fruit is a traditional gift in Japan during Christmas?

52. What is the traditional Christmas meal in Brazil?

53. What vegetable is a traditional part of Christmas dinner in the UK?

54. What is the name of the sweet almond paste that tops Christmas cakes in the UK?

55. In which country is it traditional to eat a Christmas sweet bread called ‘Vanocka’?

56. What is the main ingredient of the Finnish Christmas dish ‘Joulupöytä’?

57. What dessert is commonly served in Australia for Christmas?

58. What is a common flavoring in Christmas cookies in Germany?

59. What fruit is traditionally used in a Christmas Wassail?

60. In which country is ‘Sufganiyah’, a jelly doughnut, eaten during the Christmas season?

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