Chocolate Trivia Questions And Answers

These chocolate trivia questions and answers will tell you the important things to know about this tasty treat. This dessert is a tasty delight for many around the world.

Our chocolate trivia questions will surprise you with interesting and fun facts. Find out when it was invented and other cool things.

Are all the chocolate lovers in the house ready? Then enjoy these chocolate trivia questions. If you like our chocolate trivia, check out our candy, Baking Trivia, Cheese Trivia and Valentine’s Day trivia.

Chocolate Trivia

Chocolate representing chocolate trivia

1. What country is the biggest consumer of chocolate in the world?

2. What brand controls 44 percent of the US chocolate market?

3. How many cocoa beans are needed to make a pound of chocolate?

4. Does most cocoa come from east, north, west, or south Africa?

5. What founding father sold chocolate from his print shop in Philadelphia?

6. In what BCE century is chocolate believed to date back?

7. What is chocolate often molded into during Easter?

8. What is chocolate often molded into for Valentine’s Day?

9. What other name does the beverage hot chocolate go by?

10. There are several types of chocolate in the world. What is the one produced by primarily unroasted cocoa beans?

11. What name was chocolate first called?

12. What is the name that is given to someone who is a chocolate lover?

13. What early civilization in Latin America is believed to have been the first to make chocolate?

14. What is the oldest chocolate brand in the United States that is still operating today?

15. What is the name given for a square of chocolate?

16. Who made the first-ever chocolate chip cookie?

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