Ash Wednesday Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

Our Ash Wednesday trivia questions will be a great way to learn about this religious festivity. This celebration is a significant day for many.

These trivia questions on Ash Wednesday will challenge and delight. Find out about the origin of this day and much more.

Ready to discover fascinating things about this religious commemoration? Then have fun with these Ash Wednesday trivia questions. If you like this trivia, check out our Mardi Gras and Easter trivia.

Ash Wednesday Trivia

Ash representing ash wednesday trivia

1. What do those who observe Ash Wednesday wear on their forehead during this day?

2. What does ash symbolize?

3. What century is the first Ash Wednesday believed to have been celebrated?

4. What type of food do observers avoid eating during this day?

5. What day precedes Ash Wednesday?

6. What Christian holy period is Ash Wednesday the first day of?

7. How many days before Easter is Ash Wednesday?

8. What three religious acts are typically done on this day?

9. How is the ash prepared?

10. What is the earliest date that Ash Wednesday can occur?

11. What is the latest date that Ash Wednesday can occur?

12. Has Ash Wednesday ever occurred on a leap day?

13. In Ireland, what other day do they celebrate along with Ash Wednesday?

14. When ash is marked on someone’s forehead, what do they typically make the mark in the shape of?

15. What will be the date of Ash Wednesday next year?

16. What do those who observe Ash Wednesday begin on this day and try to continue for the duration of lent?

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