Women’s History Month Trivia Questions (2023)

These women’s history month trivia questions and answers will celebrate all the amazing females in the world. They’re our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends or sheroes.

Our women’s history trivia questions will test how much you know about some of the greatest ladies to walk the planet. Find out who was the first U.S. female secretary of state and other fun things.

Ready to find out about some excellent historical ladies? Then enjoy our trivia questions in honor of women’s history month. If you dig this quiz, check out our March, History Trivia and International Women’s Day Trivia.

Women’s History Month Trivia Questions

1. What former president’s wife became senator of New York, secretary of state, and the 2016 Democratic Presidential nominee?

2. What woman was the first female secretary of state?

3. What female poet wrote the poem “When The Caged Bird Sings?”

4. Who was the first woman of color to be elected to the U.S. Congress?

5. What amendment gave some women the right to vote?

6. Before there was a Women’s History Month, when was the first Women’s History Day celebrated?

7. What year did Women’s History Day become Women’s History Week?

8. What is the theme for this year’s Women’s History Month?

9. What U.S. territory was the first place in the country to give women the right to vote?

10. Who was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean?

11. Who was the first woman in the U.S. to earn a medical degree?

12. What was the first year women could get credit cards?

13. Who was the first woman to receive two Nobel prizes?

14. Who was the first woman to be awarded the Noble Peace Prize?

15. Who was the first Black female millionaire in the U.S.?

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