70 Charlie Brown Christmas Trivia Questions

These Charlie Brown Christmas trivia questions and answers will bring up loads of nostalgic feelings. Many of you probably grew up watching this special as a kid.

Our Charlie Brown Christmas quiz questions will test how much you remember about this holiday special. See if you remember which network it first aired on and more.

Ready to bring back all those holiday feelings? Then enjoy this Charlie Brown Christmas Trivia. If you like this trivia, check out our How The Grinch Stole Christmas Trivia, A Christmas Carol Trivia, Holiday, Christmas song, and New Year’s Trivia.

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Charlie Brown Christmas trivia questions

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1. In what year did A Charlie Brown Christmas special air?

2. On which television network did A Charlie Brown Christmas special first air? 

3. Who created the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas special? 

4. Which company sponsored A Charlie Brown Christmas? 

5. What is the Peanut gang doing at the beginning of the episode? 

6. Which character makes a dirt-covered snowman during the episode? 

7. Who is the director of the Christmas play? 

8. Who gets the role of the Virgin Mother Mary in the Christmas play? 

9. Who lands the role of Joseph in the Christmas play? 

10. What role does Lucy want in the Christmas play? 

11. Who played the role of the shepherd in the Christmas play? 

12. Which character gets the role of the Inn Keeper in the Christmas play? 

13. What are the names of the twins who perform the dance routine during the Christmas play? 

14. What role in the Christmas play did Snoopy have? 

15. Who does Charlie Brown pay for psychiatric help in the episode? 

16. How much does Charlie Brown pay for psychiatric help? 

17. What does Charlie Brown claim to have during his session with Lucy?

18. Pantophobia is the fear of what? 

19. Who catches snowflakes on his tongue and proclaims they “need sugar”? 

20. Lucy says that the best snowflakes are in which month? 

21. What does Lucy want for Christmas? 

22. What does Sally ask Santa for in her Christmas letter? 

23. Which character said the classic line, “Ahhhh, I’ve been kissed by a dog!”? 

24. Which character in Charlie Brown plays the piano for the Christmas play? 

25. What song does Schroeder play on the piano for the Christmas play? 

26. Who asks Schroeder to play “Jingle Bells”? 

27. When Charlie Brown asks if anyone knows what Christmas is about, Linus recites the Gospel of who? 

28. What did Linus claim he’d make his blanket into when he got older? 

29. Who claims he didn’t know they still made wooden Christmas trees?

30. Who chose the small and scrawny Christmas tree at the lot? 

31. Who won first place in the Christmas light decorating contest? 

32. What color ornament does Charlie Brown put on the small tree, which ends up weighing it down? 

33. What did the gang do to the small Christmas tree in the episode? 

34. Where did the Peanuts gang get the lights to decorate the Christmas tree? 

35. At the end of the episode, which characters hum and then sing the song “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing”? 

36. What is the name of the dog that belongs to Charlie Brown?

37. Who tells Charlie Brown the meaning of Christmas?

38. What type of tree does Charlie Brown choose?

39. What does Snoopy decorate his doghouse with?

40. Who ridicules the Christmas tree chosen by Charlie Brown?

41. What award does Snoopy win for his decorated doghouse?

42. Which character plays the piano in the Christmas play?

43. What is the name of the girl with naturally curly hair?

44. What psychiatric advice does Lucy give to Charlie Brown?

45. Who initially laughs at the Christmas tree chosen by Charlie Brown?

46. What is the length of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’?

47. What holiday figure do the children catch Snoopy pretending to be?

48. Who is the creator of the Peanuts comic strip?

49. Which character is known for his blanket?

50. What color is Charlie Brown’s shirt?

51. What do the children shout after decorating the tree?

52. Who is Charlie Brown’s sister?

53. What is the title of the book Lucy wants to read for the Christmas play?

54. What does the sign on Lucy’s psychiatric booth say?

55. What is the final line of the show?

56. Who does not appear in ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’?

57. What does Linus say Christmas is all about?

58. How does Charlie Brown feel at the start of the show?

59. What does the tree represent to Charlie Brown?

60. What is the name of the girl who calls Charlie Brown ‘blockhead’?

61. Which character does not speak in the special?

62. What instrument does Snoopy play at the end?

63. Who admits they never sent Charlie Brown a Christmas card?

64. What does Charlie Brown’s father do for a living?

65. Who helps Charlie Brown pick the Christmas tree?

66. What does Lucy want to do with the Christmas play?

67. How many cents does Lucy charge for her psychiatric sessions?

68. What does the tree symbolize for Linus?

69. What holiday activity is Charlie Brown discouraged about?

70. What is the setting of the opening scene?

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