February Trivia Questions And Answers (2023)

Our February trivia questions and answers are an excellent way to celebrate the second month of the year. This time may bring up memories of celebrations like Groundhog Day and President’s Day. 

These February trivia questions and answers will cover everything from the birthstone to the flowers. It’ll be a fun way to quiz yourself on the shortest month of the year. 

With all that said, it’s game time. Enjoy these February trivia questions. If you enjoy our February trivia, check out our Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day and Black History month trivia. 

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February Trivia Questions 

Romantic flowers representing february trivia

1. What zodiac sign in Western astrology is born in the first half of February? 

2. What is the second zodiac sign in Western astrology born in February? 

3. February is the only month of the year that can go without what occurring? 

4. What is the birthstone for the month of February? 

5. What are the flowers associated with the month of February? 

6. What is the name of the full moon that occurs in February? 

7. What is the most popular holiday in February in America and several other countries? 

8. What annual observance takes place for the month of February in America? 

9. How many U.S. Presidents have been born in the month of February? 

10. The New Year for which country begins either in January or February? 

11. What are the odds of being born on February 29th

12. What is the nickname for people born on February 29th

13. Which Christian holiday is celebrated on February 2nd each year?

14. In America, the 15th of February is known as what? 

15. Which annual celebration, also known as Fat Tuesday, is celebrated worldwide in February? 

16. What tradition started in Scotland and takes place on Leap Day? 

17. The Wright brothers had their first powered flight on February 17th in what year? 

18. Which political leader and activist was sentenced to prison in South Africa on February 12th, 1964? 

19. Which female civil rights activist, known for being a catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was born in February 1913? 

20. Which two amendments to the U.S. Constitution were both ratified on February 3rd, more than 80 years apart? 

21. What is the name of the first female physician who was born in February 1821? 

22. Which actress, made famous from her role as Rachel on “FRIENDS,” was born in February? 

23. In February of 1962, who was the first American astronaut to be launched into orbit? 

24. Who is the American inventor and businessman most famous for inventing the lightbulb, born in February 1847? 

25. Popular British band The Beatles made their first appearance on American television by guest starring on which show? 

26. February was the last month of the year in which calendar? 

27. Which country often refers to February as the “little month”? 

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