50 Super Bowl Trivia Questions And Answers

Are you geared up for Super Bowl Sunday? Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Kansas City Chiefs, a devoted Philadelphia Eagles supporter, or just love the thrill of the game, Super Bowl Sunday is an event that unites fans nationwide. As anticipation builds and the countdown to kickoff begins, why not dive into the excitement with our engaging Super Bowl trivia? Test your knowledge and discover the most thrilling moments in Super Bowl history, including the record-breaking most-watched game and other fascinating facts. Get ready to challenge your friends and family and add an extra layer of fun to your Super Bowl celebration!

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Super Bowl Trivia Questions And Answers

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1. What defines the Super Bowl, the pinnacle of American football?

2. Dive into history: when did the inaugural Super Bowl take place?

3. Who clashed in the first ever Super Bowl showdown?

4. Which NFL team stands supreme with the highest number of Super Bowl victories?

5. Which NFL franchise has graced the Super Bowl stage the most times?

6. Discover the significance of the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl lore

7. Unravel the legacy of Vince Lombardi, the iconic figure behind the Super Bowl trophy’s name

8. Who claimed the Super Bowl championship in the 2020 showdown?

9. Why are Roman numerals used to number Super Bowl games, and what do they signify?

10. Explore the spectacle of the Super Bowl halftime show: what makes it a cultural phenomenon?

11. Who set the stage alight at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show?

12. What is the financial impact of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl?

13. Which Super Bowl game holds the record for the highest total score?

14. What is the record for the lowest total score in a Super Bowl game?

15. Has a Super Bowl game ever extended into overtime, and if so, which one?

16. Who holds the record for the most touchdowns in a single Super Bowl game?

17. Which city has played host to the Super Bowl the most times?

18. Who has won the most Super Bowl MVP awards in NFL history?

19. How many teams compete in the NFL playoffs to secure a spot in the Super Bowl?

20. Who was honored as the Super Bowl MVP in 2020?

21. Has a Super Bowl ever been played in the home stadium of one of the competing teams?

22. Which networks broadcasted the first Super Bowl, and why was it unique?

23. Why is the Super Bowl traditionally held on a Sunday?

24. What led to the Super Bowl being scheduled in February?

25. Who set the record as the youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

26. Identify the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl and the game in which he achieved this feat.

27. What are the financial rewards for players winning the Super Bowl compared to those on the losing team?

28. Describe the significance and design of the Super Bowl ring.

29. Which coach has the most Super Bowl wins, and with which team did he achieve this record?

30. How much does the Vince Lombardi Trophy weigh, and who manufactures it?

31. Who has made the most appearances in Super Bowl games as a player?

32. Who was awarded the first Super Bowl MVP, and what was notable about his performance?

33. Has a defensive player ever won the Super Bowl MVP award, and if so, who was the first?

34. Who was the first Hispanic quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and with which team?

35. What was the largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl game, and which teams were involved?

36. Who scored the first touchdown in Super Bowl history, and in which game?

37. What is the Super Bowl shuffle, and which team is associated with it?

38. What color of Gatorade is most commonly dumped on the winning coach of the Super Bowl?

39. Has any player won the Super Bowl with different teams, and can you name one?

40. Who is the only head coach to have won both a Super Bowl and a college football national championship?

41. What team suffered four consecutive Super Bowl losses in the early 1990s?

42. What is the record for the highest attendance at a Super Bowl game?

43. Who was the first African American head coach to win a Super Bowl, and which team did he lead?

44. What’s the record for the most points scored by a single team in a Super Bowl?

45. Has a Super Bowl ever ended in a shutout?

46. Who holds the record for most passing yards in a single Super Bowl game?

47. Which artist has performed the most times at the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

48. How many Super Bowls have been played outside the United States?

49. Who set the record for the longest touchdown run in Super Bowl history?

50. What was the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest, and why was it significant?

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  1. The patriots last super bowl they played (2019) the Rams not the Eagles

    1. Thanks for the heads up Andy. It’s been updated.