Philadelphia Eagles Trivia

Enjoy these Philadelphia Eagles trivia questions and answers as you have fun seeing Jalen Hurts make crazy plays on the field. The Eagles are one of the most historic franchises in the NFL.

Fans might learn a lot of cool things in our Philadelphia Eagles trivia. Find how much you know about their Super Bowl appearances and legendary players.

Ready to have fun like you’re flying like an Eagle? Then get started with our Philadelphia Eagles quiz. If you like this, see our Super Bowl, Football Trivia and NFL trivia.

Philadelphia Eagles trivia

Football stadium representing philadelphia eagles trivia

1. Who is the current quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles?

2. What college teams did the current Eagles QB play for?

3. What was the last Super Bowl the Eagles appeared in?

4. Who was the longest-tenured Philadelphia Eagles head coach?

5. Who was the first Philadelphia head coach to win the team a Super Bowl?

6. What football coach played for the Eagles and once scored a game-winning touchdown against the Giants?

7. What year were the Philadelphia Eagles established?

8. What is the name of the stadium that Philadelphia plays in?

9. What Hall of Famer Defensive end played for the Eagles from 1985 to 1992?

10. Who was the quarterback that helped take the Eagles to four straight NFC championship games in the early 2000s?

11. What Oregon and UCLA college football coach was once the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles?

12. Who was the MVP when the Eagles won their first Super Bowl?

13. What is the name of Philadelphia’s mascot?

14. Who is currently the Eagles’ head coach?

15. Who is the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles?

16. What is the name of the Eagles’ fight song?

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