Cincinnati Bengals Trivia

Our Cincinnati Bengals trivia questions and answers will be as much fun as watching Joe Burrow score touchdowns. In recent years, the team has played better than ever.

This Cincinnati Bengals trivia will feature questions on their history and some of the biggest stars to ever play for them. See if you remember what Chad Johnson changed his name to.

So who they, who they, who they think they’re gonna beat this trivia? Then enjoy this Cincinnati Bengals trivia. If you like this, check out our NFL trivia, Superbowl Trivia and Sports Trivia.

1. When were the Cincinnati Bengals established?

2. How many Super Bowls have the Bengals appeared in as of this writing?

3. What USC quarterback did Cincinnati draft with the number one pick in 2003?

4. Prior to being drafted by the Bengals in 2020, what championship winning college team did Joe Burrow play for?

5. What former Cincinnati Bengal once legally changed his name to Ochocinco?

6. What hall of fame NFL WR played for the Bengals for one season?

7. What current NFL play-by-play announcer was a WR for eight seasons in Cincinnati?

8. What coach had the longest tenure as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals?

9. Who is the current head coach of the Bengals?

10. What are the official team colors of the Bengals uniform?

11. How many playoff appearances has Cincinnati had?

12. Prior to Paycor Stadium, what was Cincinnati’s previous home stadium?

13. What is the name of the Bengals official mascot?

14. What team did Cincinnati lose to in two separate Super Bowls?

15. Who did the Bengals play in their most recent Super Bowl appearance?

16. What former Cincinnati QB is currently a sports commentator for the NFL on CBS?

17. Who is the current owner of the Bengals?

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