Kansas City Chiefs Trivia (2023)

These Kansas City Chiefs trivia questions and answers will entertain fans while they watch them try to make the Super Bowl. This team has been around for a long time.

Our Kansas City Chiefs quiz will talk about where they originally played, how many Super Bowls they’ve won, and a lot more. It’ll be great fun for all fans.

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Kansas City Chiefs Trivia

Football player representing kansas city chiefs trivia

1. Before they were the Kansas City Chiefs, what was the original name of the team?

2. When were the Chiefs founded?

3. What Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has the most starts in franchise history?

4. Who is the all-time receiving leader for the Kansas Chiefs?

5. What Kansas City head coach has the most wins in franchise history?

6. What team was Andy Reid previously the head coach of before coaching Kansas City?

7. How old was quarterback Patrick Mahomes when he was drafted by the Chiefs?

8. Before Patrick Mahomes became KC’s starting quarterback, who was the previous starter?

9. What Chiefs quarterback was once a quarterback for the then St. Louis Rams?

10. What is the name of the stadium the Chiefs play in?

11. Who is the All-time Rushing leader for Kansas City?

12. Who is the All-time scoring leader for Kansas City?

13. How many Super Bowls have the Chiefs appeared in?

14. How many Super Bowls have the Chiefs won?

15. What year did the team move to Kansas City?

16. What are the Chief’s official team colors?

17. On July 6, 2020, Patrick Mahomes signed a contract to play for Kansas City how many years?

18. Who did the Chiefs defeat in Super Bowl 54?

19. Who is the family that owns the Chiefs?

20. What was the previous stadium that Kansas City played before playing in Arrowhead?

21. How much was Patrick Mahomes contract extension, which was the largest contract in North American sports history?

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