Los Angeles Lakers Trivia

These LA Lakers trivia questions and answers will test your knowledge of this long and historic basketball team. So many of the greats have played for this team.

Our LA Lakers trivia will cover all of them. Find out how many championships this team has won and much more.

Are you ready to show off your LA Lakers fandom? Try out our LA Lakers trivia. If you like this trivia, check out our March Madness and NBA Trivia.

LA Lakers Trivia

Basketball goal representing la lakers trivia

1. How many Hall of Famers have played for Los Angeles?

2. Who is the winningest head coach in Los Angeles Lakers History?

3. How many championships have the Lakers won?

4. What city were the Lakers playing in before LA?

5. What is the Lakers’ longest winning streak?

6. What team ended the Lakers’ 33-game streak?

7. What Laker holds the record for most shots blocked?

8. How many championships did Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal win together?

9. How many championships did Kobe Bryant win without Shaq?

10. What is Magic Johnson’s first name?

11. Before playing for the LA Lakers, what player famously scored 100 points in a game?

12. What LA laker was famous for the sky-hook shot?

13. Which Laker won championships with two other teams before winning one with LA?

14. Which three former Laker players have each won five rings?

15. How many years did Pat Riley coach the Lakers?

16. Who is the current owner and president of the LA lakers?

17. How long have the Lakers been a team?

18. Why were the Lakers called the Lakers?

19. What name do the cheerleaders of the Lakers go by?

20. What pop star was once the head choreographer of the Lakers?

21. What actor who won three Oscars is well-known for attending LA Lakers games?

22. As of the 2022-2023 NBA season, who is the current head coach of the LA Lakers?

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