Academy Awards Trivia (2023)

These Academy Award trivia questions and answers will challenge your knowledge of the annual Oscars ceremony. Some of the greatest actors, actresses and directors have won this award.

Our Academy Awards trivia questions will be great fun as you watch this prestigious ceremony. See if you can guess the youngest actress to win an Academy award and other interesting facts.

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Academy Awards Trivia Questions

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1. What film won the award for Best Picture at the first Academy Awards held in 1929?

2. Was the First Academy Awards broadcast?

3. What does AMPAS stand for?

4. When was the first television broadcast of the Oscars?

5. What was the first song to win the Oscar for Best Original Song?

6. Who has hosted the Oscars the most times, hosting a total of 19 times?

7. What is the name of the trophy known as the Oscar?

8. Who is the youngest Oscar winner to ever win the award at 10 years old?

9. Who is the oldest Oscar winner to have won the award at 83 years old?

10. What two actors are the only people to be awarded an Oscar posthumously?

11. What male actor has been nominated for an Oscar the most number of times, receiving a record 12 nominations?

12. What female actor has received the most Oscar nominations receiving a record 21 nominations?

13. Who has the most Oscar wins of all time, winning 22 competitive Academy Awards and 3 honorary ones?

14. What actress is the only Oscar recipient who also has parents that won Academy Awards?

15. Who was the first woman in history to win an Academy Award for Best Director?

16. What film is the only sequel to have ever won Best Picture at the Oscars?

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