80 A Few Good Men Trivia Questions and Answers

Welcome to our ultimate collection of A Few Good Men trivia questions and answers! Do you consider yourself an aficionado of this classic military courtroom drama? Can you quote Jack Nicholson’s iconic courtroom scene line by line, or know the ins and outs of Lt. Daniel Kaffee’s legal strategies? This intense film, penned by the legendary Aaron Sorkin and directed by Rob Reiner, has become a benchmark of the legal thriller genre.

In this trivia post, we’ll be exploring every aspect of the film – from behind-the-scenes details to the intricacies of the plot, and even the actors’ performances. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the movie or just someone who appreciates a well-crafted cinematic masterpiece, we’ve got some fascinating questions lined up for you. So let’s dive right into these 80 intriguing questions about “A Few Good Men” and see if you can handle the truth!

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1. Who wrote the screenplay for “A Few Good Men”?

2. Who directed the movie “A Few Good Men”?

3. Who played the character of Lt. Daniel Kaffee in the film?

4. What year was “A Few Good Men” released?

5. Who played the character of Colonel Nathan R. Jessep?

6. Who plays the character of Lt. Cmdr. JoAnne Galloway?

7. Which actor plays the character of Captain Jack Ross?

8. Where does most of the movie take place?

9. Who are the two Marines on trial in the movie?

10. Who plays the role of Lance Corporal Harold Dawson?

11. What crime are Dawson and Downey accused of?

12. What is the term used in the movie to describe the unofficial punishment given to Santiago?

13. What was Santiago’s ultimate fate?

14. Which character was an advocate for taking a plea bargain in the case?

15. Who says the iconic line, “You can’t handle the truth!”?

16. Why does Jessep order the Code Red on Santiago?

17. What is the name of the lawyer who initially recommends Kaffee to defend Dawson and Downey?

18. Who played the character of Judge Randolph?

19. What medical condition does Santiago suffer from?

20. What’s the name of the doctor who testifies about Santiago’s medical condition?

21. What are Dawson and Downey ultimately found guilty of?

22. Which actor plays the character of Private First Class Louden Downey?

23. How many Oscar nominations did “A Few Good Men” receive?

24. Where did Lt. Daniel Kaffee graduate from?

25. Which actor plays the character of Lt. Col. Matthew Andrew Markinson?

26. Why does Lt. Col. Markinson commit suicide in the film?

27. Who says the line, “I strenuously object?” in the courtroom?

28. Who was the only actor to reprise their role from the original Broadway production?

29. What’s the baseball glove used by Kaffee a symbol of?

30. What is the drink Kaffee is frequently seen with throughout the movie?

31. Who won an Academy Award for their role in “A Few Good Men”?

32. Who delivers the final line of the film?

33. How does Jessep justify his actions during the courtroom scene?

34. Who does Kaffee credit for teaching him the trial strategy he uses?

35. What does Kaffee ask Ross to get from Jessep during the trial?

36. Where did Sorkin get the inspiration for “A Few Good Men”?

37. In the film, who was supposed to be transferred out of Guantanamo Bay but wasn’t?

38. Who plays the character of Captain Whitaker, the lawyer who helps JoAnne with the case?

39. What does Kaffee refer to as a ‘galactically stupid’ idea?

40. What rank does Jessep hold in the Marines?

41. What does Galloway accuse Kaffee of, in regards to his approach to the case?

42. How is Kaffee’s character established in the opening scene of the movie?

43. Who discovers that the transfer order for Santiago was never processed?

44. Why does Jessep not approve of Santiago’s transfer?

45. Who admits to ordering the Code Red on Santiago in court?

46. What does Jessep claim to live by?

47. Which character in the movie says, “We go in there, and we hit them with a brick”?

48. What is the full name of the character played by Demi Moore?

49. What does Kaffee do to provoke Jessep into admitting that he ordered the Code Red?

50. Who directed the original Broadway production of “A Few Good Men”?

51. How many times did Jack Nicholson rehearse his famous courtroom scene?

52. What does Kaffee accuse Jessep of during his cross-examination?

53. How does Kaffee react when Dawson and Downey don’t understand why they’re still in trouble after following orders?

54. What’s the “car deal” subplot in the movie?

55. What causes the jury to convict Dawson and Downey?

56. Which real-life military academy is seen in the opening credits?

57. What does Markinson reveal to Kaffee and Galloway in his letter?

58. What is the relationship between Lt. Daniel Kaffee and the late Captain West?

59. How does the film depict military culture?

60. How does the film end for Dawson and Downey?

61. How many lines does Jack Nicholson have in the film?

62. How many days did Nicholson spend filming his scenes?

63. Who delivers the line, “I want the truth!”?

64. Who played Private First Class William Santiago?

65. How did Kaffee get the softball that he carries around in the movie?

66. What makes Kaffee finally decide to put Jessep on the stand?

67. What does Kaffee ask Jessep that prompts him to say, “You can’t handle the truth!”?

68. How does Jessep react when he realizes he’s inadvertently confessed to ordering the Code Red?

69. What gift does Dawson give to Downey at the end of the movie?

70. How much did Jack Nicholson reportedly earn for his role in the movie?

71. Why did Lt. Cmdr. JoAnne Galloway want to take the case initially?

72. Where does the final court-martial take place?

73. What is the key piece of evidence Kaffee uses to confront Jessep on the stand?

74. What do Dawson and Downey believe they were following when they carried out the Code Red?

75. How does Lt. Daniel Kaffee treat his clients at the beginning of the movie?

76. Who shoots Santiago at the fence-line?

77. What strategy does Kaffee employ to pressure Jessep during cross-examination?

78. Which military code do Dawson and Downey violate?

79. Why was Santiago given a Code Red?

80. What is the significance of the white uniform worn by Marines during the court-martial?

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